Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hydro Day :)

We are lucky enough to live only about half an hour away from the Higgins family :) Avery and I got to meet Owen and his Mom a couple of years ago, and we finally got around to getting together again this week! This time with the whole families :) We had a pool play date at the Higgins home on Monday :)
Two hydro babies in the awesome pool with the beautiful view!

Oliver exploring in between pool time.

He was ready to get back into the pool!

Isn't that a great pool??!

Avery and Sammy cloud watching :)
Brogan had a blast following Sammy around like a little puppy :) He really doesn't seem to realise that he's not a big kid!! 

We ended up staying for dinner too, cooking hotdogs and burgers over the fire, followed by marshmallows, of course :)
Here is Sammy being the statue of liberty :) It made me giggle :)

Although Owen's and Avery's experiences have varied greatly since their initial diagnoses of hydrocephalus before birth, there is something about spending time with another hydro family which really makes me happy. I have a lot of really wonderful friends, but there is something comforting about being with someone who can do more than imagine what it's like to live through that moment when you learn that your unborn baby has hydrocephalus, because they have lived that moment themselves. 
Thanks for being such wonderful hosts, Higgins family!! We all had such a fun day!


Anonymous said...

How cool you were able to meet up again! Looks like a great time had by all x

Michelle said...

You got some awesome pictures that I'll have to steal when I update our family blog.

It really is a level of comfort that you can have around others that have been there, done that. Where they don't feel as self concious about the accomodations that you have to make for your child, where their differences just don't feel different and the rest of the family understands exactly what it is that your days are like. Thanks so much for coming - we will definitely have to do a repeat!