Monday, July 25, 2011

More Trike

Avery's skills on the tricycle just keep getting better and better! She has graduated from the little blue tricycle with the seat belt to the big red tricycle with the bell!!

She still reminds me to get her helmet for her, but she is starting to think that she's too big for the knee pads, and especially the elbow pads, because "I'm not going to fall over." 

She can even ride barefoot now :)

She is loving the freedom and independence of being able to ride around the driveway! (We still haven't taken to the trails with's been too darned hot!!)

I went and stood in the middle of the driveway with the camera...

She rode in circles around me, smiling...

and laughing....

and giggling....

and squealing...

and declaring, "You can't catch me, Mom!!"

I actually got a little dizzy, spinning around, trying to keep up with her!

Happiness :)


Hooray for the opportunity to acquire some normal childhood bumps and bruises :)


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!

Great photos too!

Anonymous said...

Cycling is my 2nd fav activity for children! After swimming *wink*