Friday, July 01, 2011

A Picture Story: Losing a Tooth!

It should be noted that it was Avery's idea to pull it out!! She was very excited! She changed her mind right before it came out, but then once she saw it, she was excited again!!

It's gone! It's really gone!!!

The note she asked Daddy to help her write for the tooth fairy! 

Putting it under her pillow. When she woke up in the morning she had a new toothbrush (which she requested!!), a dollar, and a note from the tooth fairy :) 
P.S. I'm not sure whether she really believes in the tooth fairy or not.... when Grandma asked her about it a couple of weeks ago when her tooth was first wobbly, Avery very snootily informed her that the tooth fairy wasn't real! But she was very insistent about leaving a note for the tooth fairy, so who knows??!

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How exciting!