Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Swimming Lessons!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote a post about how Avery is able to keep up with her peers on a tricycle? (She is doing even better with that by the way!!) Well, the other area in which Avery is really, truly able to hold her own is in the swimming pool. For a long time now she has been pretty much independent in the pool. With only the help of two noodles to keep her afloat, she has been able to go wherever she wants to go without anybody's help!
Well, maybe a month ago, Avery suddenly decided that she was ready to start wearing goggles and putting her face underwater! And she also started doing this:
This was at our hotel when we went up to Sterling, VA, for ABM therapy on July 4th/5th. 
We had the whole pool to ourselves :) And therapy was great!
We have been sort of talking about signing her up for swimming lessons for quite a while, but after this big explosion of independence and exploration, we decided that we should really go ahead and do it! So I had a long conversation with the pool manager at our YMCA about whether we should sign up for private/semi private lessons, or whether she could be involved in a regular group lesson, and he said that he would want to let her try the group lessons so she could be fully involved, etc. (He was really great!) So we signed her up, and yesterday was her first class! She was so excited!!
Waiting for her lesson to start! All day she had been asking if it was time for her swimming lesson yet, and  FINALLY it arrived!!
Sitting by the water with her fellow beginning swimmers, listening to their instructor  (the pool manager, who was so great about wanting to make it perfect for Avery!)
Holding onto the rail in the deep end of the pool, waiting for her turn to do her first swim (Which I missed, can you believe it??!)

She did an amazing job!! And I was so impressed with the YMCA staff :) Avery spent the first several minutes taking turns with the other 3 little girls in the class, but then the rest of the time she basically got one-on-one attention with the other instructor, Susie. It was really great :) And Avery had a BLAST! She is so excited to go back!! She will be taking classes every Tuesday and Thursday for the next 4 weeks, and I am pretty certain that she will love every second! And you know that all that low impact exercise has got to be good for her poor tight muscles.
Hooray for Avery!


Michelle said...

How awesome is that? Can't wait to see her in the pool!

David said...

way to go avery!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You have reminded me I have to organise V going back to swimming soon.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Avery! Swimming rocks!