Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Houston Zoo

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Have I mentioned that I really love CityPass??

Downtown Aquarium

Here's a selection of photos from our adventures at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston yesterday :) (In chronological order!) We had a blast!

Other news for Monday - It was day 3 post-op, so Avery's bandaging came off, which was a little torturous, but I am glad it's done! Also, day 3 was the day she was definitely supposed to be getting up and trying out her legs. Unfortunately, she has become a little afraid of being up on her feet The first 2 days she was super excited to be getting up and trying to walk, because that was what her surgery was for! But every time she tried in those first couple of days, it ended in tears because of the pain, so now she doesn't want to do it anymore. I thought maybe the aquarium would help motivate her. She did stand for about a minute to look at this huge cylindrical tank:
She was nervous, but she stayed like that for about a minute, and it didn't hurt, she said it just ached a bit. So that was a positive experience. She also took a couple of steps from her wheelchair to a bench at one point. I didn't get any pictures of that because both my hands were occupied with helping her, but again, that was a positive experience because it didn't hurt a lot. So I count those two things as progress, and maybe today she will feel braver.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Toe Wiggling

Friday, August 26, 2011

SPML Recovery, Day 1

A little over an hour after Avery went to the OR, I was told that she was in recovery and that all had gone smoothly. Dr Yngve came out and told me all about how well it had gone - that her body had responded beautifully to it, and that it was like her body was made for this procedure :) I had to wait a while longer though before I was allowed to go back and see her. By the time I did get back there, she was starting to wake up, and I only have one picture from that time because she was so uncomfortable and so unhappy :(
This was towards the end of her time in recovery when she was beginning to breathe normally at least! She woke up feeling sore and unhappy, and she kept on trying to tell us to take off her braces and casts because they were too tight or hurt, but it took a long time for us to even be able to understand what she was saying because she trying to speak in between hyperventilating! Poor girl.
Once she was able to calm down enough, she wanted to open her present, which was this little baby doll. She was just so sweet. Even though she was still hurting and still wanting to get her casts off (she said they were too tight), she took care of this little baby - feeding her some milk, burping her, giving her a pacifier and wrapping her up in a blanket. Too sweet.

She started begging to "go home", so they let us get ready to leave. Although, I was a little nervous about driving an hour with her the way she had been...! But we helped her get into her wheelchair without too much discomfort, and she continued too look after her baby, although she herself was still so droopy and sleepy!

Feeling a lot happier.

A picture with the team of nurses/technicians/anesthesiologist, etc. They were great, and they loved Avery :)

A little nap on the drive home. It wasn't bad - she seemed to be pretty comfortable, and started acting more like her normal, sunny self :) At one point while we were driving she said, "Isn't it great that I can walk now?" So I had to remind her that it would still take lots of practice, but it was really great because it would be a lot easier for her to learn.

She ate lunch with no issues while I went to pick up her prescriptions (acetaminophen with codeine, and valium for muscle spasms). She didn't mind me leaving, but before I left she asked me if I would say a prayer for her to ask Heavenly Father to help her legs feel better, and that the casts wouldn't hurt her legs. So sweet. Also, while I was gone, she asked Colleen if she could try walking! So she helped her stand up and she tried one shaky little step :)

Playing with new toys on the couch :)

Showing off her hot pink casts, and a little something she couldn't do before surgery! 


After lying in bed wide awake until about 1am last night, my alarm went off at 4:35am this morning!! We had to be here at the clinic at 6:15, which meant we had to leave the house at a little after 5am. Avery thought it was pretty cool to wake up while it was still dark! Once we started driving she said, "Hey!! Now I can play on Daddy's old phone, because the sun has gone away, so I can see it!" 
Blood pressure.

Getting her bracelets.

They gave her a princess sticker book after she took her medicine. She was a little worried that the medicine might be yucky, but she still drank it after a little reassurance (and a promise from the anesthesiologist that she would get a red popsicle when she wakes up!)

The anesthesiologist checking her heart. She let her listen to her heartbeat and asked her what it sounded like. Avery said it sounded like an elephant stomping :)

Starting to feel a little sleepy, and taking to Daddy and Brogan.

"Tell your Dad I'm writing on your legs," says Dr Yngve.

"Don't write on yourself at home!" he says!

Avery's french-style hat - styled by the anesthesiologist :) 

Off she goes! So brave, and still excited!
When her number turns blue, she'll be in recovery! She's the second green one - green means she's in the OR.