Monday, August 22, 2011

All my bags are (mostly) packed...

Tomorrow is the day.
Avery and I fly to Houston, leaving my boys in the capable hands of my husband.
Originally, we were all going to drive down together, but I was really concerned that the 20 hours drive would be too much like cruel and unusual punishment for Avery after her surgery. So a couple of weeks ago Gabe suggested that maybe just Avery and I should fly down, and leave the boys with him, and wean Oliver. My initial reaction was that it was a horrible idea, because it would be cruel to force-wean Oliver like that, not to mention painful for me! But after I thought about it, it made sense. Oliver has done amazingly well - he took to a bottle very quickly, which was wonderful, because up until that point he'd never had a full feeding from a bottle! But he'll be 1 on September 7th, so it felt okay to see how he would do with some cow's milk, and he's been great. I shouldn't be surprised, he always copes with changes very well. So I've stocked up the freezer with breastmilk, so he'll have a combination of both for the next week or so, and then be done. It was stressful though, for a few days I was probably more stressed about that whole situation than I was about Avery's surgery!
I have told you in the past about the wonderful father that my husband is. I have no doubts that he will take wonderful care of him while I am gone, but I still feel gut-wrenchingly guilty about leaving my little boys for 8 whole days. Brogan just barely turned 3, but he at least understands that he'll be having a special week with Daddy while Avery and I go to see a doctor in Texas. He says that he's going to have fun, and that doctors are not fun. Oliver, of all my three children, is the most attached to me, so I am worried that he will be sad. Especially because he's getting a tooth right now, and he struggles at night when he's teething :( I hope that tomorrow the tooth will come out so that he at least won't be suffering with that without me. 
Sorry, I don't mean to ramble. 
As for Avery and I, I am feeling very positive! I am excited about the possibilities this surgery presents. She understands what the surgery is, and is also feeling excited I think. On Sunday as we drove to church, I was listening to her talking to Brogan about her surgery. Brogan said "Yes, and my surgery!" Avery said, "No, Brogan, you don't need surgery, because your legs are already loose!! My legs aren't loose, they are tight.... They're the worstest legs ever!" It was quite sad to hear her say that actually, but she was a little bothered when she realised that we'd heard what she said, and didn't want us to listen anymore, so she spoke very quietly to Brogan so that we couldn't hear. 
I need to go finish packing and go to bed. In the morning I am taking Avery to get a manicure and pedicure! I thought it would be fun for her to have pretty toes when she gets her casts off, and then a couple of days after I thought that, Groupon had a deal for a half price mani/pedi! Perfect! 
I will try to keep the blog updated while we're gone, but I will at least make sure to post pictures and quick updates to facebook, so feel free to friend me if you want to :) 


Anonymous said...

There's an English grandma over here, wishing the world was a little smaller.

Syme Family News said...

Gabe will do great. I had a hard time leaving my family for girls camp and Andy did well. I am glad you can post all of your feelings and strengths and concerns. Tell your mother Hello too.

Josephine said...

I know Gabe will do great - he always does! Still doesn't make me feel any less guilty for leaving my little boys for 8 whole days!!!

MIchelle said...

Good luck and God Bless! Give Avery a hug from us and I hope it all goes smoothly!