Thursday, August 25, 2011

Children's Museum and Pre-op

On Thursday morning before we went for Avery's pre-op appointment, she and I went to the Children's Museum of Houston. We invested in a CityPass so that Avery would have some good memories of this trip too, not just a surgery trip. So we started with the Children's Museum, because I thought it would be best to do the most hands-on visit before surgery, when she would have the energy to get up and do stuff. The museum was amazing! I told Gabe that when he brings her back for her follow-up in 2 months, he should try to make time to take her there again, because we probably didn't even see half of it!! Avery had a blast :) 
Funny mirrors  
 Using pulleys to navigate the board without letting the ball fall through any of the holes. She was actually really good at that :)

 Another thing she was really good at - she took this thing apart and put it back together with almost no help from me at all!
 The only part I had to help with was when she put one of the yellow pieces in upside down :)
 Super smart
 This one was frustrating!! For me, at least!! We spent way too much time trying to put all the pieces together so that all the bugs had the correct parts!! We almost did it!! Can you spot the one bug that is mismatched??
 Driving a car.
 "Particle collisions"
 Taking a trip to Texas for her surgery... :) "This must be a super safe van, Mom, because there aren't any seat belts, so they must drive it very safely."

 Kidtropolis! Very fun and educational idea! Avery of course went straight for the ambulance because she wanted to be just like her Daddy :)

Helping the sick kid.

 Driving down the street :)
 The we had to leave!! Even though there was still so much to see! But we had a doctor's appointment to get to :)
 This is how excited she was to see Dr Yngve. 

"Your whole name is Dr David Yngve." 
 More xrays. This confirmed that her hips are starting to come out of their sockets, but still less than 50% at this point. Dr Yngve says that the surgery will stop them from coming out anymore, but whether or not they get pushed back in will depend on how strong her pelvic muscles are. He wants to see hip xrays every 6 months to monitor them. 
It was decided that during the surgery, he will release both her ankles/feet and her hamstrings, and will also do alcohol blocks on both sides. He noted that she has tightness not only in her ankles but also her hamstrings and groin. 
As a side note, I have to tell you that Avery has never really been particularly picky about what she wears. Most of the time, she will wear whatever I pick out for her. So it was really funny that of all the days, today was the day that she insisted on wearing a beautiful dress, because she is a beautiful princess, and beautiful princesses only wear shorts and t-shirts when they go to bed, apparently!! So in the video she is wearing borrowed shorts and hospital gown...!
"Is this the very sharp needle Dr Yngve will use to do my surgery?" 

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely day out for her. I LOVE her logic about the safe van and suitable attire for princesses. It has been so wonderful for me, Josephine, that you've shared all this step by step, it is the next best thing to being there with you. Of course, my heart breaks as I watched Avery struggle to walk but, with time and patience, things should start getting easier for her now.
Huge hugs from overseas grandma.