Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fundraising Competition

I have been spending a lot of my time recently working on various fundraising projects, in preparation for Avery's upcoming surgery and therapy. In the process I have learned a lot, and one of the things I have learned is that there are still a lot of good and caring people in the world! There are so many people who have been willing to help, and who have surprised and touched us with their generosity.
I want to tell you about a project my sister came up with. I think it is a really fun idea! Not only will it help Avery by raising funds, but it will also bring her some joy while she recovers from surgery! The idea is that you download and print one of a selection of photos of Avery. Then you take a picture of the picture in a fun/interesting/unique place. Then you pay an entry fee to submit your photo. Avery then gets to pick which picture she likes best, and the winner gets 10% of the total entry fees, while the rest goes to Avery's therapy fund! Isn't that the cutest idea?? And I love that Avery will have such a fun thing to cheer her up as she's recovering! I really look forward to seeing all the fun ideas that people come up with!
Please go take a look at the website here, and also the facebook group here.
Thank you Eveymartine/Aunt Evey (Or TV, as Brogan calls her!)

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