Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Journey and arrival

2011-08-23 0452011-08-23 046
Playing at the airport before our flight, and showing me how excited she is before takeoff!
2011-08-23 0502011-08-23 051
In flight entertainment, and trying to rest during our layover.
2011-08-23 0042011-08-24 001
Pretending to sleep as we begin our descent into Houston, and waiting for the shuttle.
2011-08-24 0032011-08-24 005
“But Mo-om! I love staying awake all night!! I don’t want to go to sleep!” (At 12:30am, which was actually 1:30am Virginia time!) We made it downstairs for breakfast just in time the next morning! (They stop serving breakfast at 9am) Out of all the yummy options they had, Avery chose Froot Loops…!
2011-08-24 0082011-08-24 018
Washing the wall during her bath, because, “I am such a great helper, Mom!”. Then taking some time to play some quiet, restful games after being at least 5 hours short on sleep Surprised smile
2011-08-24 0192011-08-24 021
Leaving a present for the cleaning lady (A paper doll chain she made and decorated at church last week, on the back it says “Jesus wants us to love everyone.” Waiting in the lobby. I asked her if she wanted to go pick out a snack, expecting her to get into her wheelchair and follow me, but when I looked back, she was walking towards me!!
2011-08-24 0252011-08-24 026
Aunt Colleen making play dough for Avery! Avery loves playdough Smile
The Andersens have been wonderful, letting us stay with them and loaning us a car while we’re here. And all during a very crazy week for them!!

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