Friday, August 26, 2011


After lying in bed wide awake until about 1am last night, my alarm went off at 4:35am this morning!! We had to be here at the clinic at 6:15, which meant we had to leave the house at a little after 5am. Avery thought it was pretty cool to wake up while it was still dark! Once we started driving she said, "Hey!! Now I can play on Daddy's old phone, because the sun has gone away, so I can see it!" 
Blood pressure.

Getting her bracelets.

They gave her a princess sticker book after she took her medicine. She was a little worried that the medicine might be yucky, but she still drank it after a little reassurance (and a promise from the anesthesiologist that she would get a red popsicle when she wakes up!)

The anesthesiologist checking her heart. She let her listen to her heartbeat and asked her what it sounded like. Avery said it sounded like an elephant stomping :)

Starting to feel a little sleepy, and taking to Daddy and Brogan.

"Tell your Dad I'm writing on your legs," says Dr Yngve.

"Don't write on yourself at home!" he says!

Avery's french-style hat - styled by the anesthesiologist :) 

Off she goes! So brave, and still excited!
When her number turns blue, she'll be in recovery! She's the second green one - green means she's in the OR.


Eveymartine Naeem said...

Wow! You are amazing Josephine and so is she xxxxx

Kristen said...

I feel my breath heavy waiting with you. It's always a much better feeling with the screen reads "in recovery".

Anonymous said...

Look at the trusting little face looking up at the nurse when her heartbeat's being checked - sooo lovely, sooo loved. Thinking of and praying for my two girls all day long.

bgabe said...

Bravest, Strongest, Prettiest, Coolest, MOST AMAZING girl ever. But what do I know. - Update: She's out of surgery and the doctor said that it went great and that her legs reacted very well to the procedure. He said that this surgery was made for girls like her. I will let Jo blog the rest. After all, she is there. Thanks for the prayers, hopes, help and friendships.

michelle Lever said...

So glad to hear all is well and that Avery is recovering. Love and hugs from all your friends in Bournemouth.