Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3.5 Weeks Post-SPML

This is not a big update. I’m sitting in the dark at a hotel in Sterling right now, being quiet while my children sleep! We are up here for Avery second intensive week of therapy. It is going really well! Here is something she’s been doing recently:


She would never have been able to hold one leg up like this before! Look at that separation! She is definitely doing some things her Daddy can’t do Smile with tongue out This was during her nightly routine of getting her braces strapped on before going to sleep. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well she has accepted this. She will even remind me to help her put them on if she thinks I’m going to forget! Also notice my sick little boy in the background there. Why is it that he has got sick during both of our therapy weeks so far??! He was all better today, but he was pretty miserable that first night and the next day.


Doing some standing work during therapy with Catherine today.


Anonymous said...

It took me a while to see where Avery's other leg was - amazing, truly amazing. Brogan is sick because you wouldn't, otherwise, have quite enough on your plate.
From your ever loving mother.

David said...

where is Sterling?

Josephine said...

It's about a half hour outside of Wash DC, and about 4 hours from our house.