Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yesterday, Avery and Brogan both started swimming lessons! It was Brogan's very first time, now that he's 3 and old enough for classes. I thought it would be good for him because he still hates getting his face wet, and a little more confidence in the water will definitely be a good thing! It is Avery's first time since her SPML surgery, so I was interested to see how her movements in the water might be different. And of course, I was really looking forward to her benefiting from the therapeutic effects of the water again! So they will both be having lessons every Monday and Wednesday this month, with Mr Keith, who is wonderful :) And, an unexpected joy, there was only one other child signed up for classes in that time slot, so they combined the class, which means that Avery and Brogan get to swim together! On top of that, there was nobody else in the whole pool!! It was really nice!

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Anonymous said...

That's brilliant and Avery is so confident herself and so encouraging toward Brogan. What a funny little boy Brogan is? He is so brave and fearless on dry ground but he really, really doesn't like this water thing much does he? It's a sign of real bravery to be frightened of something but do it anyway - good job Brogan. Oh but, his little arms around Mr Keith's neck - poor, poor thing. It's thrilling to see all the movement Avery has in her legs now - it's nothing short of miraculous to see so much difference since her operation. She's so hard-working and determined. The cutest little brother and sister in the world.
I LOVE Mr Keith - good man.
Overseas Grandma.