Thursday, October 13, 2011

Walking Machine

I am finally sitting down to write a quick update about our sweet Oliver!! He has been growing and developing so fast, and I feel bad about how little of his first year has been properly documented on our blog. He is already one!! His birthday was over a month ago!! I think time speeds up with each child.
Oliver had been working on walking for quite a while before his birthday! While Avery and I were in Texas for her surgery, Oliver started walking across rooms, and these days he spends more time walking than crawling! He loves being on his feet, and sometimes walks around clapping and squealing with excitement over the fact that he's walking! He still hasn't quite figured out what to do with his arms, which is pretty entertaining!! Sometimes he swings them back and front together as he walks, and sometimes they hang stiffly at his sides! But anyway, here's a little video showing how he's been getting more and more steady on his feet these past few weeks :)


Kristen said...

Well that video series certainly blasted the blog with his development! How exciting! He was working on his walking at the same time his sister was getting fixed up for walking.

David said...

great vid!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant boy - so independent and loving it too. Can't wait to chase him down and demand a year's worth of kisses.
Overseas Grandma.