Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

I have always loved Christmas. Always. Christmas when I was growing up was always magical – something I looked forward to all year. Since having children, I have found that, as much as I loved Christmas as a child, it is even better when I get to be the Mom Smile 
Avery and Brogan both got excited about Christmas this year, which was super fun! I’ll have to write a post about some of the stuff we did to prepare for Christmas, but this is just going to be about Christmas Eve.
2011-12-24 004
The three boys got matching pajama pants this year for their Christmas Eve presents. Brogan picked out the fabric a few weeks ago Smile I was very happy when Avery opened hers and exclaimed that it was like the spotty pajama dress that the girl monkey wears in her 5 Little Monkeys book! I was going to make her PJ pants too, but then last week we were reading that book she was wishing that she had a pretty spotty nightdress too, which was perfect because the fabric remnant I had got for her gift happened to be spotty! I hadn’t planned on making her a dress since they are so hard to crawl around in, but recently she’s been on her feet so much more that a dress is more practical than it once was Open-mouthed smile 
2011-12-24 016
When I suggested in the week before Christmas that I thought Avery and Brogan might be old enough to act out the story of the Nativity, I said “Maybe Avery could be Mary or an angel, and maybe Brogan could be Joseph, or a shepherd…” Brogan responded, “No. I don’t want to be a shepherd. Maybe I can be a ghost with too many EYES!” But we did act out the Nativity, as I read the story from the New testament, and it was great. Don’t they look cute as a shepherd and Mary? The attention of my sweet 3 year old isn’t exactly the best, but Avery and Daddy at least got to the end of the story Smile
2011-12-24 023
Then it was time to leave cookies and milk for Santa! After that we sang Jingle Bells to bed, and they went straight to sleep Smile
2011-12-25 001
This is what our front room looked like after Santa had been Smile

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Anonymous said...

As an adult, you always tell your children that Christmas is the most fun for parents but it's hard to believe until you're that side of it. Lovely pictures, Josephine, I love all the nightwear and it must have been well worth the effort to have them all so delighted with their gifts. Well done, Brogan, for managing to be a shepherd if only for a little while (ghosts with too many eyes are, after all, well within his dramatic range.) What a wonderful, magical time Christmas is.