Thursday, January 26, 2012

Growing up and up!


Today I measured my children against the door frame in Oliver’s room. I love seeing how much they’ve grown! It’s easy not to see the little changes when they happen day by day, only noticing the change when you realise their pants or sleeves are too short. The nice thing about keeping a visual record like this is that we can look at it together and realise “Hey, Avery’s grown 2.5 inches in the past 10 months! Brogan’s grown 3 whole inches! And Oliver’s grown 3 inches in only 4 months!” Avery and Brogan find it pretty exciting to see the difference, saying, “I’m almost tall like a grown up!!!” I find it just as exciting! All of a sudden, the little changes add up and you realise how big those changes really are! My babies are growing up and up, and they’re doing it at a frighteningly fast pace!

Back in July 2011, we made a video of Avery’s motor skills (see below), with motions specified by Dr Park’s SDR crew (back when we were considering SDR for Avery… I hope we don’t have to consider it again!). It was a very interesting exercise! There were things that actually surprised us about Avery’s physical abilities. We live and work with her day in and day out, so you’d think that we would be completely aware of what she could and couldn’t do! But doing this video helped us see some areas where she was stronger than we realised, and other areas which were more challenging for her than we thought. We tried to make another one of these videos a few weeks after Avery’s SPML surgery, but she was still in casts, and still in pain, so it wasn’t a fair or accurate measure. But sometime in the next few days, we will be making another one of these videos. I am excited to do it. I am excited to see the changes, and I know there will be big changes! We will add a couple more motions (like going up and down stairs, which is not an easy thing for her yet) so that when we make another video in a few months, we will be able to see her progress.

Keeping a visual record like this will be a positive experience, in part for the same reasons as marking growth on the door frame. We might not notice the changes as they happen day by day, but when we look back, we will be able to see how much really has changed. Avery may face days when she feels discouraged by her physical limitations, and she may think things are never going to get better. I think that having a video record like this will be a healthy thing for her, because she will be able to look back and realise how far she has really come.

July 2011

Watch this space for the new video…!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recent Pictures

My handsome boy.... He does love cookies....!
IMG_3828 IMG_3829
Most nights I have to cook dinner with Oliver attached to my legs like this... Wheeeee!!
IMG_3674 IMG_3682
Brogan had his first professional hair cut a couple of days after Christmas. I've always done it myself, but didn't want to face the screaming and torture that day!! Once we were there, it took quite a bit of coaxing to get him in the chair. Avery tried to get him excited by pointing out all the animals on his cover-up :)
IMG_3687 IMG_3690
In the end, he quite enjoyed the whole experience! And he loved having his hair spiked at the end, and then he even got a lollipop, so he was a very happy boy :)
IMG_3860 IMG_4243
Avery got to stay up late one night to play her new Quirkle game with me :) Brogan wrapped up in his and Oliver's amazing knitted blankets from Grandma!
The many faces of Avery....!!

Avery and Brogan have been lucky enough to spend some fun time with their friends Paisley and Daisy recently. Lots of love :)
Smiles from my blondie :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zoo and Star Day

Santa brought us a family membership to our local zoo, so we took our first trip of the year on Friday! It was a bit of a chilly day, but we wrapped up warm and didn’t get cold. Oliver was very excited about all the animals this time – he’s big enough to enjoy it all now. Avery started out with her walker, and did quite a bit of walking before her legs got tired. The zoo is mostly accessible, but there are some pretty steep slopes which wouldn’t be wheelchair or walker accessible without help.

A lot of the animals are more active at this time of year, with the cooler weather, so we enjoyed watching them run around a bit. Brogan came running to tell us he’d found some porcupines, which was fun because I didn’t know that he knew what they were called!

IMG_4348 IMG_4351IMG_4357 IMG_4360IMG_4366 IMG_4382IMG_4384 IMG_4389IMG_4404IMG_4405 IMG_4407IMG_4410 IMG_4413IMG_4417 IMG_4418

It was time for the zoo to close, so we hoped in the van and took the short drive over to the Star. It was too early for it to be lit up, but we still had fun, and the kiddos didn’t want to leave Smile 

IMG_4436 IMG_4437 IMG_4438IMG_4441 IMG_4444 IMG_4450IMG_4455IMG_4484 IMG_4485IMG_4468 IMG_4486

Daddy kept on having to keep Ollie from running down the mountain! That picture makes me laugh. Avery said she was not going to come home with us, she was going to stay right where she was. So we started walking back to the van. Brogan, who had been pushing Avery’s walker, noticed that she wasn’t coming, so he ran over and put her walker in front of her. “Here you go, Avery” he said, and she told him that she didn’t need it because she wasn’t coming. He was quite concerned Red heart

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Big Kids


Today at church Brogan graduated from Nursery and moved up into Primary with the Big Kids Smile Here he is enjoying an after-church snack, wearing his lucky sweater, apparently. We didn’t know it was his lucky sweater until this morning, and I have no idea where he got the idea Smile 


He was excited about being with Avery and all the big boys and girls, and happily went and sat in the seat Avery led him to! He sat there quietly for a minute or two while people were still filing in, and then he turned around and, with one of his classic, exaggerated facial expressions, said “But I need a toy..!” But he had a good time, and was excited when we picked him up at the end of church.


Avery was at least as excited as Brogan about his move to Primary! As they were sitting and waiting for it to start, Avery was introducing him to all her friends, “Hey, this is Brogan, and he’s 3, so he’s a big boy now, and he’s coming to Primary now!” No matter that most of them already knew him Smile 


Oliver does not move up into Nursery until March, when he turns 18 months old, so for now, he still spends all 3 hours of church with Gabe and/or me. And that is just the way he wants it to be. Forever, probably Smile I did warn the Nursery workers today that when Oliver starts coming, he will more than make up for Brogan’s complete lack of separation anxiety!!