Sunday, January 01, 2012

Big Kids


Today at church Brogan graduated from Nursery and moved up into Primary with the Big Kids Smile Here he is enjoying an after-church snack, wearing his lucky sweater, apparently. We didn’t know it was his lucky sweater until this morning, and I have no idea where he got the idea Smile 


He was excited about being with Avery and all the big boys and girls, and happily went and sat in the seat Avery led him to! He sat there quietly for a minute or two while people were still filing in, and then he turned around and, with one of his classic, exaggerated facial expressions, said “But I need a toy..!” But he had a good time, and was excited when we picked him up at the end of church.


Avery was at least as excited as Brogan about his move to Primary! As they were sitting and waiting for it to start, Avery was introducing him to all her friends, “Hey, this is Brogan, and he’s 3, so he’s a big boy now, and he’s coming to Primary now!” No matter that most of them already knew him Smile 


Oliver does not move up into Nursery until March, when he turns 18 months old, so for now, he still spends all 3 hours of church with Gabe and/or me. And that is just the way he wants it to be. Forever, probably Smile I did warn the Nursery workers today that when Oliver starts coming, he will more than make up for Brogan’s complete lack of separation anxiety!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness, Josephine!!! Is it quite fair to have three
absolutely gorgeous children?Maybe Brogan had a little
thought about moving up to Primary and, even although he
appears to have not a worry about a thing in the world, it
occurred to him that a lucky sweater would be useful. I
absolutely adore that boy, his excited, optimistic, loving
approach to life and everything/everyone in it is so amazing.
The pictures of Avery are just gorgeous, especially because
she's not showing off her rather grim photo smile -
she looks so lovely, so relaxed and so very beautiful. She
takes her duties as big sister so seriously, hence your need
to remove Brogan from her swimming class since she
forgets to think about herself and just worries about Brogan.
Oliver is so lovely, such a blond bombshell and certainly his
Mummy's little boy. How can two brothers be so entirely
different in every way? Thank you for the pictures and blog,
Josephine, I just love it all.

the domesticated explorer said...

3 delightful looking Children. Noah, too, has just moved up to Primary and settled immediately... he has always done better with older children.