Saturday, December 31, 2011

Brogan in 2011

Brogan is still the most affectionate and loving little boy EVER! If your self esteem is a little low, spend an afternoon with Brogan and you will feel better! It’s hard to feel bad about yourself when you are being smothered with kisses and hugs, and being told every few minutes, “I’m love you sooooo much.”
Brogan still loves the world and everyone in it. He loves to be in the limelight, and sometimes when he needs a little attention he will say, “Wook! Wook at my eyes!” until you look at him and then he’ll say, “Watch this!” and make up some little dance or jump right there on the spot Smile When he sees someone he knows out in public (and sometimes complete strangers too), he’ll go running up to them and say, “Hey! It’s ME!!” , and then try to give them a hug or a kiss.
He looks up to his sister, and a phrase we hear from him a lot is, “Me too!!” If Avery wants something, he wants it too; if Avery wants to do something, he wants to do it too. He is losing patience with her need to correct him all the time though. He still has his own way of saying and doing things, and doesn’t like it when Avery gets bossy with him and tries to tell him he’s doing it wrong.
Brogan knows all of his shapes and colours, and recognises most of the uppercase letters, but he has very little patience for sitting and learning at this point. His version of the alphabet song has changed a few times this year – for a while it went, “A B C D Effigy, H I J J PPP PPP PPP”. Most recently it goes something like this: “A B C D E F G Next time won’t you sing with me” He does like singing quite a few songs these days, but if I start singing a song when he’s not in the mood for it he will say “No! Don’t sing Mom!”
It has been nice that I don’t have to translate for him very often anymore! Most of the time he speaks clearly enough that even strangers can understand him Smile There are still some words for which he has his own unique pronunciation, I will add them here when my brain is working well enough to remember them, which it’s not right now apparently!! The only one I can think of right now is “Switch”, which is how he pronounces “witch”. Oh, also, he calls pajamas “Dramas”. He has to wear Dramas to bed – he won’t wear a daytime shirt or pants, even if they’re comfortable!! “No! That is not a dramas shirt!!” His sentence structure is still sometimes a little funny, but I am happy to say that he has evolved from “Ah Bogin!” to “My name ‘bout Brogan” He often uses “about” instead of “is”!!
I am very happy to say that Brogan finally started sleeping better!!! It was rough for quite a while, but sometime early-ish in the year, he finally started sleeping well enough that he could start sharing a room with Avery Smile They both seem to enjoy the arrangement, but even though Brogan has been sleeping all night for months now (besides a few short phases, like the one he’s going through right now where he wants to climb into bed with us in the middle of the night…), Avery still prays most nights that, “Brogan will stay in bed all night and not shout.” Haha.
Another nice surprise came in the form of potty training! For a long time, I was worried that Brogan was going to be in diapers ‘til he was four, because he just didn’t seem to care whether he was wet or even dirty! Then out of the blue, sometime in February, he got sick with some sort of stomach virus, and apparently that was the motivation he needed to use the potty! I was so surprised and happy! He had a few setbacks along the way, but from about March until August/September he was in underwear 24 hours a day. Then came Avery’s surgery and intensive therapy, and I think that the extra attention Avery was getting made Brogan regress, and he had to start wearing diapers to bed again. But he is still wearing underwear during the day and, as long as he’s wearing stretchy pants, he doesn’t need help using the potty most of the time. I can tell when he’s gone though because he’s naked from the waist down Smile with tongue out He hasn’t quite mastered the putting on of underwear and pants yet!!
Brogan still hates having his hair washed, but he is much better about brushing his teeth and having his nails cut. He loves the swimming pool these days, and enjoyed the one round of swimming lessons he took in October. Mostly. He liked all of it, except for getting his head and face wet, and was not pleased on the few occasions when he got tricked into putting his head underwater!! So he’s back to spending time in the childwatch while Avery has her swimming lesson, which is an arrangement that makes him happy. He loves the childwatch, especially when there are lots of friends there, and especially when he gets to go down to the Xrcade with the big kids! He has alsIMG_3813o thoroughly enjoyed his last year in Nursery at church. He just loves to be surrounded by friends, and he has never met a stranger!
Mealtimes are still a struggle. Although he is considerably better than he was, there are still relatively few healthy foods which Brogan will willingly eat. He would still prefer to live on candy, apple juice and ice cream, and doesn’t seem to understand why his parents are so mean as to not let him eat candy all day! We have managed to stop fighting over apple juice – I no longer have to refuse to give him apple juice 20 times a day! He generally has one cup of watered down apple juice in the morning, and that’s it. His water intake is slowly improving. He loves toast, and has even started eating the crusts!
Brogan really is a very sweet boy. When I tell him this, he usually responds with, “And you’re a sweet Mom.” He loves all of us so much, and we just love him to pieces!

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Anonymous said...

You've summed him up perfectly, Josephine (and who better to do it?)
I love the amount of love he has for everybody and everything, how can one little body contain it all?I too love his unique way of speaking, "I'm about playing with my cars," so cute. Good for him for standing up to Avery, she is a strong character and he needs to see that he's just fine being himself too. His love of learning will develop I'm sure because he loves books and that's the best foundation for everything else. I will never forget his enthusiastic love of being read to and joining in,
"I'm stickman, I'm stickman, I'M
STICKMAN that's me, and I long to get back to the family tree."
Gorgeous, gorgeous boy.