Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recent Pictures

My handsome boy.... He does love cookies....!
IMG_3828 IMG_3829
Most nights I have to cook dinner with Oliver attached to my legs like this... Wheeeee!!
IMG_3674 IMG_3682
Brogan had his first professional hair cut a couple of days after Christmas. I've always done it myself, but didn't want to face the screaming and torture that day!! Once we were there, it took quite a bit of coaxing to get him in the chair. Avery tried to get him excited by pointing out all the animals on his cover-up :)
IMG_3687 IMG_3690
In the end, he quite enjoyed the whole experience! And he loved having his hair spiked at the end, and then he even got a lollipop, so he was a very happy boy :)
IMG_3860 IMG_4243
Avery got to stay up late one night to play her new Quirkle game with me :) Brogan wrapped up in his and Oliver's amazing knitted blankets from Grandma!
The many faces of Avery....!!

Avery and Brogan have been lucky enough to spend some fun time with their friends Paisley and Daisy recently. Lots of love :)
Smiles from my blondie :)


bgabe said...

The perfect offspring. :)

Josephine said...

So true :)

Michelle said...

Love seeing all the smiles!!!!

Valerie said...

I am the luckiest Grandma in the world - oh no - wait a minute - I'm not! I have the most beautiful grandchildren possible but they all live too, too far away from me. Oliver, Oliver, Oliver - the umbilical cord was cut at birth you know! He is one gorgeous boy but will he ever cope without his mother's whole and entire attention?
Avery is pretty enough to get away with prank faces, lovely, lovely girl.
Perhaps Brogan has nerve endings in his hair - one picture looks as if it's actually hurting. Thrilled to see the blankets are being appreciated.
Lovely pictures, lovely children - well done to both of you.