Monday, February 27, 2012

Look at This!

“Hey, Mommy! Look at this! I can push my tooth all the way out with my tongue!”

“Wow, I think that tooth is just about to come out!!”

“When? Today?”

“Yes, I think so, if you pull it out! I bet it won’t even hurt!”

So I got her a mirror, and she pulled it out! All by herself!

IMG_5632 IMG_5640 IMG_5641IMG_5643IMG_5647 IMG_5648IMG_5665

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last of the snow pictures


The day after our one and only snow storm, we were without power for 12.5 hours. But we had a great day! The sun warmed up, so we had to play in the snow quick before it melted away!! Brogan ran all over the place, and took it upon himself to clear all the snow of the patio table. Oliver laughed about the snow and loved walking around in it, except for the couple of times he fell over and got cold. But it didn’t take him long to get over it and start enjoying himself again! Avery outlasted us all and sat on her sled in the snow for ages after the boys had had enough! Then, when I went out to get her, she said, “Mom, can you write “Avery loves snow” in the snow?” It was a good day! But I was very glad that we still had hot water, and I was even more glad when our electricity came back on after the kiddos had gone to bed that night!

Tolerance and Love


She does love him, but she mostly just tolerates his kisses xx

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow! At Last!

You may or may not remember Avery’s bitter disappointment when she woke up on Christmas morning and discovered that there was NO SNOW!!! She has been complaining about the lack of snow since then. How can there be winter with no snow??? So today, at last, her wish came true! We finally had some real snow!! Thankfully the painful earache Avery woke up with during the night last night had already healed enough that she felt up to wrapping up and going out in the snow this afternoon! I doubt there would have been anything that could have kept her from it! The boys were so excited too. It had just started snowing as the boys and I were driving to church, and by the time we came out, the grass was coated in snow and big, fluffy flakes were falling down thick and fast! Oliver laughed and laughed about it! Brogan exclaimed, “It’s Christmas!!!!!!” We rushed home to play in it. Although poor Ollie boy missed out on the fun because he went down for his nap. But hopefully he’ll get a chance to play in it a little bit before it disappears tomorrow. I was glad for the chance to use all the snow gear we had for the kiddos! It took forever to put it all on, but it was totally worth it because they were able to run, crawl, and roll around in it without getting cold or wet. Hip hip hooray!

IMG_5169 IMG_5176

Daddy starting on the snowman! Brogan getting ready to tackle him. Then, “Daddy pushed me down!” Ha!

IMG_5179 IMG_5188

Trudging up the hill, where they happily sat and threw snow for quite some time! Avery making a snow angel. Mommy was too chicken to actually go out into the snow to get a picture of it! (I had a headache! And I was on the phone!)

I was confused as I sat watching out the window when I saw Gabe walk past with his bike. He hooked up the sled to his bike and pulled both the kids through the snow around the house! I love him! (I got some video, I will post it. Gabe is in charge of our videos these days, because he’s so good at it!)

Brogan was the first to get cold and come inside for hot chocolate. Avery stayed out to help Daddy build a snowman!

IMG_5192 IMG_5210

Daddy and Avery’s snowman! Hehehe! It has been snowing non-stop since then, so this is what the snowman looked like 5 minutes ago!

IMG_5212 IMG_5208

Hooray for snow!

Video from Avery's party :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Castle Party

How to throw a castle party!

1. Invitations!
I drew this castle up on the computer, and let Avery pick the colours. Then I ordered 5x7 prints of them, cut the doors so that you could open them to see Avery’s smiling face inside, then glued the invitation onto the back. They were super cute!

2. Decorations! Streamers, castles on the wall, hearts, pink, purple, red!
Who is that up in the castle tower….?
IMG_5101 IMG_5110
Balloons, streamers and a royal red carpet leading to the front door. Streamers to make a prettier backdrop to the dining room than the kitchen!
Lots of pink hearts all over the walls! Also, lots of presents from her friends. The tree house was an AMAZING homemade gift from her friend Hannah, complete with little wooden peg people to play in it!

3. Castle cake!
IMG_5087 IMG_5089
Ultimate chocolate chip chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. Yum!

4. Food! High Tea nibbles
Sausage rolls, tuna and cucumber sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, jam tarts, cupcakes. And fresh lemonade. (Except for the birthday girl who doesn’t like anything except water, apple juice, milk, or chocolate milk)

5. A couple of cute and fun crafts!
IMG_5100 IMG_5103
Gold crowns for all the princes and princesses.
IMG_5149 IMG_5153
Castle key chains/backpack tags.

6. The ultimate kid’s birthday party game: Pass the parcel.
Working for her candy – each layer had a “challenge” to complete before you could eat your treat. Super challenging stuff, like singing the alphabet song, making a funny face, or clapping your hands 10 times.

7. Refresh and Replenish!
All those cute little jam tarts, sandwiches, sausage rolls, cupcakes, and lemonade disappeared in no time flat!

8. Presents!
IMG_5116 IMG_5123
I barely got a look in as Avery was surrounded by eager helpers as she unwrapped her gifts! I really have no idea who gave her what for the most part…. sorry about that!

9. Birthday song, wish, and blowing out of the candles!

10. Eat cake and ice cream!
Avery chose the bottom part of one of the front turrets, with the heart window.

The End