Saturday, February 04, 2012

Daddy is 31 now!!

The past couple of days we’ve been out and about a bit, and everywhere we’ve gone, Avery has told everyone, “My Daddy’s 31 now!” It was Gabe’s birthday last week, and Avery is still excited about his new age!
For his birthday, Gabe was able to go on a 3 day snowboarding trip, for a ridiculously low price, and he got home again the day after his birthday. So Avery and Brogan helped me make a delicious carrot cake (Daddy’s favourite!), and I decorated it with a little snowboarder :)  In the second picture, we’d just finished singing Happy Birthday, and Avery was cheering for Daddy to make a wish and blow out his candles :)
We are still in birthday mode at our house! A month or so ago, Avery and Brogan had a serious discussion and decided on their birthday themes this year (Castles for Avery, and Fire Trucks for Brogan). Avery’s birthday is coming up quickly, so this week we made her party invitations, which she’ll be handing out at church tomorrow. She and Brogan are super excited :)


Anonymous said...

Happy 31st to Gabe!

Eveymartine Naeem said...

Happy Birthday Gabe! He's almost as old as me! :-)

Avery is so sweet cheering for her daddy - and I think her theme of castles is the best! I wish I could come to her party :-(

Love to all :-) x