Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Impromptu picnic

Today we had some nice weather, so when we got home from a Sam’s Club trip, the kiddos played in the driveway for a while. I decided to take advantage of being outside to clean out the van. After a while, a couple of Brogan and Avery’s neighbourhood friends came by to play too. Brogan climbed into the back of the van and pulled out the picnic blanket. “Mom, can we have a picnic with them?” he said, so I went inside and got some plates, and they sat down and feasted on goldfish and animal crackers! “You’re the nicest Mom ever!” said Amare! haha. As they ate, Brogan said, “Hey, you guys are black, and we are white.”, to which Amare responded, “Yup.”

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Eveymartine Naeem said...

Cute! You are the nicest Mom ever! And I like their approach to racial differences... Lovely :-) x