Friday, February 03, 2012


Another nice day today, so we played outside again!

Avery rode her rip rider, pedaling and spinning around the driveway. She always remembers to put her helmet on, saying that the doctor (her wonderful neurosurgery nurse practitioner) told her that she has to wear every time. She did not want to ride her bike with training wheels. She hasn’t ridden it since she first took it for a spin on Christmas Day, and I am okay with that! The thought of her up there on a bike scares me more than just a little! I feel much better about her riding her rip rider, where she is much closer to the ground, so when she falls or tips over, it’s not a big deal. A fall from a big bike has a much more serious damage potential, especially for a girl with newly emerging balancing skills! So, hooray for the rip rider, which she’ll be able to use for at least a couple more years!!


Uh oh, crash:


Brogan rode his tricycle some of the time, the little red scooter some of the time, and ran around being his sweet, crazy self the rest of the time!


Oliver joined us outside after he woke up from his nap. He loves being outside! Also, he’s very handsome Smile


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Eveymartine Naeem said...

What wonderful pictures! Avery is amazing on her rip rider - I particularly like the picture of her ever so cool expression!
And Brogan - what can I say? He is such an odd boy but I wouldn't want him any other way and I'm sure you wouldn't either!
And as for Oliver - what a handsome and peaceful boy he is. Just lovely!