Wednesday, February 08, 2012


When Avery was sick as a baby, I used to look forward to her being old enough to communicate what she was feeling. I thought that when she was able to tell us where it hurt, and what it felt like, I would be able to relax a little bit, and not worry every single time she was sick with anything, “Is it her shunt??”  Even when I didn’t say it out loud, it was in the back of my mind every time. Of course, it has never helped that Avery has a tendency to throw up no matter what she’s sick with!

Avery has been sick the past couple of days. With some sort of virus. Almost definitely the same one her brothers had last week. But the other thing with Avery is that the same virus that might make you feel queasy, absolutely knocks her out. It’s not that she gets sick more often than the rest of us, but when she gets sick, she really gets sick.

She has barely moved from her spot on the couch in the past two days. She slept most of the time, and when she wasn’t sleeping, she wouldn’t sit up or eat or drink anything. Thankfully, this afternoon she did regain a little of her colour, and she actually requested some food, so I think tomorrow will be a better day. She talked to Grandma on the phone for an hour or so yesterday afternoon, and that seemed to help her feel a little better! She is sleeping with her leg splints on tonight, because she hasn’t used her legs at all in a couple of days, and her CP muscles are very good at taking advantage of inactivity and tightening up. So hopefully having her legs straight tonight will help reduce any tightness or soreness tomorrow.

IMG_4788 IMG_4738IMG_4739 IMG_4760

I do not know why Avery gets hit harder than the rest of us. I do not know whether it is related at all to her underlying conditions. Maybe she would be the same way even if she had been born completely healthy. I am curious though… Is your special needs child affected more severely by sickness than your other kids?


casey said...

I believe that any kind of sickness hits us harder due to the hydro. I have to get a flu shot every year, because I got the flu a few year back and it hit me HARD!!! I am really a germaphobe, and I try my best to not catch anything. Hope she gets better soon!!!!

KimN said...

I don't know if my daughter with hydrocephalus gets sicker than my other children but I will say that she has a really hard time getting over it than my son. I guess I always chalked that up to her being 2.5 and him being 7. Our biggest issue with illness when it comes to her is that she is diagnosed as failure to thrive (weight-wise) and only weighs 19 lbs. While we always struggle to pump calories in her, things REALLY fall apart when she is sick. She can easily lose a pound which can take us up to 6 months to gain back. She has been gaining and loosing the same pound for over a year now.