Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Animals

Today we had a playdate at a friend’s house, and we got to play with lots of baby animals!

2012-03-14 001 2012-03-14 004 2012-03-14 0052012-03-14 008 2012-03-14 011 2012-03-14 017
Luckily, all 7 puppies already have homes waiting for them, which made it a lot easier for me to say no when my children wanted to bring one home! Oliver wished the puppies would hold still long enough for him to pet them, but when they were asleep he didn’t like that either! And he didn’t approve of that one little puppy sniffing his diaper! He spent quite a bit of time running away from the puppies, and chasing the dog!!

2012-03-14 013 2012-03-14 014
Avery liked touching the chick, and Oliver laughed when I helped him touch one, but they didn’t actually want to hold them.

2012-03-14 018 2012-03-14 0202012-03-14 023 2012-03-14 025 2012-03-14 027
The bunnies were so tiny and cute! Their eyes weren’t even open yet. This little one was the tiniest one of all, and it was so sweet!! Also notice the one picture of Brogan. He was running around excited and happy for the first 20 minutes after we got there, so I couldn’t catch a picture of him, and then my camera battery died.

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Valerie said...

That's the tiniest baby rabbit I've ever seen. Avery must have been so delighted; she still often talks about holding Cousin Noah's little rabbit which licked her nose and made it tickle. I wouldn't want to hold a chicken either, there are far too many sharp bits on them. Lovely pictures of Oliver and Avery and a sweet little peek of Brogan. What a perfect day for them.