Thursday, March 15, 2012

“Look at this stretch!”

A couple of weeks ago we signed up at, and Avery and Brogan have a new rule that they don’t play video games until they’ve checked off everything on their charts. The other day, Avery really wanted to play “Bolt” on the xbox, so she went and looked at her list and started going through all her jobs. She’s getting pretty good at making her bed all by herself these days:


She got to “Exercise” on her list, and said “Yeah! I can do that one!” and got down on the floor and made up her own little stretches. As she was doing them she was saying “Oh, yeah, I can feel that stretching right here!” and she’d show me where she felt the stretch. She’s great!

 IMG_5776 IMG_5778IMG_5781 IMG_5782IMG_5786


Michelle said...

That's so awesome that she's willing to put in the work on her stretches...she's one dedicated little girl (whether she's dedicated to the stretching or to the Xbox, does it really matter as long as she gets the job done?)

Valerie said...

I am so impressed - that's a very neat bed, the floor is such a useful place when things have to be put away! Seriously 'though, that is a good job. I love her exercises and the concentration on her face as she performs them - it is still just miraculous to see her being able to part her knees. She is one amazing young lady.

Anonymous said...

Go Avery!