Monday, May 14, 2012

Just pictures

2012-05-09 008
This is exactly why I bought a changing table….
2012-05-09 009 
Pretty boy!! Haha!

I was playing around with different settings on my camera, and I think this one looks like it’s from the 80s. Look at the cute little curls our blondie boy has now!
2012-05-09 010 2012-05-09 003 2012-05-09 012
Silly smiles and camera-shy babies.
2012-05-09 006 2012-05-13 005
Pillows on the floor aren’t enough to stop this walking girl anymore!! Avery on Mother’s Day, showing off her new haircut.

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Valerie said...

Oliver looks like a little philosopher and I love those blonde curls. Eveymartine and I will look through the two massive boxes of family photographs when next she comes - there are some which will, I am sure, show a likeness between you as a baby and your own baby. Yes, Brogan, you are the cutest thing possible with or without hair ornaments. I love the pictures of Avery walking, playing or whatever she does. I shall have another look at all these delights when I get back from Church.