Monday, May 07, 2012

Why did it take us so long?!

2012-05-06 064

This past weekend we discovered the joys of Carvins Cove. We have lived 10-15 minutes from this treasure for the past 9 years, but have never made it out there before, which is crazy! Gabe has taken his mountain bike out on the trails a couple of times, but we haven’t been out to enjoy the lake until now. But now that we have been, we will definitely be going back as often as possible!

2012-05-06 007

We took a picnic and found a nice little spot to enjoy our lunch.

2012-05-06 014

Very pretty, peaceful and quiet. (Until other people came along, how rude!)

Avery really, really enjoyed all her little bug “friends”! A hover wasp was the first one to come and investigate Avery and her lunch.

 2012-05-06 022 2012-05-06 0272012-05-06 029 2012-05-06 030

These two pictures of Avery trying to watch the hover wasp as it hovered around her face really make me giggle!

2012-05-06 036 2012-05-06 041

2012-05-06 067 2012-05-06 068 2012-05-06 071

She liked the ants too!!

Then it was time to go down and investigate the water’s edge:

2012-05-06 046 2012-05-06 0552012-05-06 059 2012-05-06 082

Then we decided to try a little kayaking!! (Apparently we launched from an illegal spot… oops!)

2012-05-06 088 2012-05-06 104

Avery and Daddy went first, and poor Ollie was very jealous!

2012-05-06 111 2012-05-06 112

Avery is already developing some excellent paddling skills!

Meanwhile, on shore…

2012-05-06 117 2012-05-06 127

“This rock belongs in the deeper water, Mom… can I throw it?!” The boys enjoyed the little waves caused by the occasional small motor boat.

2012-05-06 157 2012-05-06 138

Rocks and gravel are the coolest.

2012-05-06 179

We have cute boys.

2012-05-06 1872012-05-06 193 2012-05-06 2022012-05-06 203

Avery did an amazing job! Now we just need to figure out how to help her relax those feet. Nothing new there…

2012-05-06 204 2012-05-06 209

Then it was time for Brogan and Mommy to take a spin! Brogan paddled for about 2 minutes before he’d had enough of the paddle. So Daddy tied his kayak to mine and I towed him around for a while, which he loved!

2012-05-06 210 2012-05-06 218

That’s a happy boy! Then the boys watched a movie in the jeep, and then did a little (very little!) fishing, while Avery and I did some more kayaking. She paddled for a while, but then wanted to be towed like Brogan. Haha!

2012-05-06 211

She really enjoyed herself – laying back and soaking up the sun as we floated along!

2012-05-06 220

All in all, it was a very enjoyable afternoon! We will be going back, and soon!

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Valerie said...

Absolutely brilliant. It looks like the most idyllic place and so lovely for the children to be making new explorations and discoveries. Avery looks like a pro at kayaking - is there nothing that girl will not try. So good to see she has a healthy enjoyment of wildlife too - no wimp of a screechy girl there. These pictures are amazing and I love the expressions on the boys' faces as they play on the shore. Thank you so much for all this.