Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big Boys and an Even Bigger Girl!

We have had a busy couple of days at our house!! For the past year or so, Avery and Brogan have been sharing a room, while Oliver slept by himself. For the most part, they loved sharing a room, and whenever I have tried to bring up the topic of Avery moving into a room of her own, she has been adamantly against it! She didn’t want to be alone. But, for several reasons, we have wanted to get Avery in her own room and the boys in together for quite a while now. I thought maybe we would wait until we moved into a new house, but since we’re going to be here for at least a few more months, I decided that I really wanted to move her into her own room. But I wanted her to be excited about it! I didn’t want her to feel as if she had to, so I wanted to make it really special! So we’ve been talking about paint colours and princess rooms for a while now, and yesterday I took Avery to Home Depot to pick out 2 colours for her new room! She wanted purple and pink, so we took the tie back from her curtain to match, since it has purple and pink in it.
2012-06-18 002
Avery – I mean, Minnie Mouse – and Brogan both helped a little bit with the painting!
I put Avery’s mattress in our room and she slept in there last night while we let her new room air out. This morning I made her stay out while I put it all together! Then, when it was all done…
2012-06-19 002 2012-06-19 003

2012-06-19 004 2012-06-19 006
…I let her come in:
2012-06-19 007 2012-06-19 008

2012-06-19 014 2012-06-19 016
“This is the best day of my life!”
2012-06-19 017 2012-06-19 020
She spent a good portion of her day in her new room! She really loves it! Hooray! Then when it came to bedtime tonight, she asked, “Am I sleeping in my new room tonight?” When I said she was, she said “YES!” and hurried upstairs to get ready! That was very refreshing, because usually she resists bedtime…!
2012-06-19 024 2012-06-19 025
She loved having her little bedside table and lamp. For months now she has been reading in bed for up to an hour or so before she goes to sleep, which is great except that she’s been having to do it in low light since Brogan was sleeping in the same room. So I am really happy about the fact that she will now be reading in decent light! She was so excited about her beautiful princess room that she had the hardest time falling asleep tonight! She was still awake when I went upstairs at 9pm, so I finally had to insist on her turning off the light and going to sleep. Even then, I went in at 9:30pm and she was still awake. “I’m just too excited about my new room to sleep, Mom.” she said. Cuteness!
Yesterday I moved Oliver’s crib into the spot where Avery’s bed had been, and I also converted and took the rail off, because I thought he might be old enough to not be caged in. I maybe should have started with only a change in location… Sleeping in the same room as his brother AND the freedom to get out of bed?? Now that’s exciting stuff right there! Surprisingly, he went down for his nap with no problems yesterday, but only slept for about an hour instead of 2-2.5. But that was fine! The real problem came at bedtime last night… both the boys were so excited that I had to go put one or both of them back in bed about 10 times before they finally fell asleep! Brogan got into Oliver’s bed, Oliver got into Brogan’s bed, both boys jumped in Oliver’s bed, Oliver came out into the hallway, etc, etc…. it felt like I was playing whack-a-mole! But they were very happy. Oliver fell out of bed twice during the night, but other than that, he slept very well until about 4:30am. Every now and then, Oliver will have a night where he just wakes up at 4:30-5am and just doesn’t want to go back to sleep! Until now, though, he has been in a crib in a room by himself, so it wasn’t a huge deal. However, now he can get out of bed and bang on doors and poke his brother and play with musical toys…..
2012-06-19 004
Anyway, today I went and bought a rail for his bed, so at least he shouldn’t roll out of bed anymore…!
After I finished Avery’s room, I got to work on the boys’ room. Brogan really wanted to paint it green, but I really wasn’t planning on painting it… There’s a lot more room in there now though! Cribs take up much less space than twin beds, so now there is room for the train table in there, which makes it a pretty fun room. I didn’t get anything new for the boy’s room, I just rearranged stuff.
2012-06-19 008 2012-06-19 009

2012-06-19 012 2012-06-19 022

2012-06-19 026
There was lots of squealing and getting out of bed again tonight. Oliver was pretty funny though, because the minute he saw me coming he would toddle off as fast as he could and clamber back into bed. But then it would only take him about 30 seconds to get out again after I left the room. Brogan really enjoyed the new arrangement last night, but tonight he was wanting to know where his new bed was, and why the walls weren’t painted green. So I think he was still jealous of Avery’s fancy new room, unfortunately.
However, tonight he did develop an interest in folding laundry, which was very cute He likes to help, sweet boy that he is!!
2012-06-19 023
I am now exhausted, but the rest of the house seemed to fall apart while I was working on the bedrooms, so I’m going to try to tidy up a bit before I go to bed.

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