Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Friends, Crafts, and Swinging

Last Thursday, one of Brogan’s friends came over for an impromptu sleepover. Gabe was out of town for his internship, so Avery got to have a sleepover with me in my room, so everybody was happy! The next day Oliver was napping, Brogan, Trevor, and Avery painted handprint trees (I was actually pretty impressed with Brogan’s artistic tree!), and then coloured two little wooden animals each. They had a great time!
2012-06-01 005 2012-06-01 004 2012-06-01 003

2012-06-01 016 2012-06-01 017 2012-06-01 015

2012-06-01 009 2012-06-01 008 2012-06-01 010

2012-06-02 008
Then Trevor’s Mom showed up with the new Kindergarten graduate Kayla, and Bubblecake for everyone! Then it was Kayla’s turn to sleepover, and almost as soon as Annie left, the kiddos used all their sugar rush energy swinging on the rings in the family room. Then Brogan had a sleepover with Dad while the girls slept in the kids’ room, and took a lot longer to go to sleep than the boys had the night before!!
2012-06-01 019 2012-06-01 021

2012-06-01 031   2012-06-01 036   2012-06-01 027   2012-06-01 040

2012-06-01 039  2012-06-01 044
As you can see, they all had a lot of fun!

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