Monday, June 04, 2012

No More Tangles!

Avery hated having her hair brushed. And she wouldn’t do it by herself. Her long hair looked so beautiful when it was brushed and cared for properly, but most of the time it looked like this:
2012-05-30 053Finally, after seeing all the pictures from our playdate with Elena, I gave Avery a choice. She either needed to take responsibility for brushing her own hair, or she had to get it cut. I didn’t want to fight with her any more when it came to hair care! So she chose to get it cut, which just proves how much she hated brushing her hair, because I had suggested cutting her hair multiple times before but she loved her long hair too much!
So I took her to a salon.
She looked through pictures and chose what she wanted.
Then it was time!
2012-05-31 002 2012-05-31 009 2012-05-31 010
And the result? Drumroll….
2012-06-03 001 2012-06-02 110 2012-06-01 046
We LOVE it!! So pretty!!
She still won’t let me brush her hair…..
…but now it’s because she wants to brush it herself!!
No more tangles!
Oh happy day!

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Amy said...

I had the same issue with E! She loves braids, and wanted it long...but she'd had enough of the brushing, and here we are. Avery's new Do looks great!