Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 4th

2012-07-04 013
Pancake breakfast at church
2012-07-04 003 2012-07-04 005 2012-07-04 008
Brogan spotted a container of frosting on the Schwendiman’s table and wouldn’t rest until he got some on his pancake!
2012-07-04 011

2012-07-04 020 2012-07-04 022 2012-07-04 029
Brogan begged and begged for me to help him climb the tree. Finally I gave in and helped him up there, but then he decided it wasn’t so great afterall! Avery did a little dancing with her bunny to the banjo music provided by Travis.

2012-07-04 036 2012-07-04 101
Elizabeth’s parents unknowingly dressed her in a pair of shorts with the English flag on them – haha! They used to be Avery’s! Also, Oliver may or make not have been wearing Union Jack socks…
The Schwendimans generously invited us to spend the day at their house so that we could get out of the heat! They filled up a pool in the back yard, fed us a delicious lunch, and even suggested that I bring my laundry over, which was so wonderful because we were getting to the point that I was going to have to find a laundromat! Also, Oliver got his only full nap of the week in a nice, cool, dark room in their basement, and felt much better for it!

2012-07-04 106 2012-07-04 107

2012-07-04 126 2012-07-04 128 2012-07-04 129
In the evening we decided to head out to see the fireworks! We normally don’t keep our little ones up so late for the fireworks, but this year we did because, 1. They had all been struggling so hard to get to sleep in the humid heat that they probably would have only just fallen asleep by that time anyway, and 2. Sleeping with all the windows open would probably have meant that they would have woken up as soon as the fireworks started anyway!

So we headed over to the Dorough’s house at about 8:30-ish…
2012-07-04 131 2012-07-04 158 2012-07-04 163
…and blew bubbles for a few minutes before we walked down to our firework-viewing location!

2012-07-04 179 2012-07-04 183
There, we blew more bubbles, and played with sparklers.

2012-07-04 185 2012-07-04 187 2012-07-04 188

2012-07-04 196 2012-07-04 197

2012-07-04 202 2012-07-04 211 2012-07-04 225 
We were right below the Roanoke Star, which was lit up all red, white, and blue for the holiday!

2012-07-04 236 2012-07-04 220
As it started getting dark, people around the neighbourhood started setting off fireworks, and the children found it all very exciting!

2012-07-04 228 2012-07-04 229 2012-07-04 237 
Ice cream!

2012-07-04 238 2012-07-04 255

2012-07-04 259 2012-07-007 2012-07-04 263
And then… my camera battery died! Right before the fireworks started! Ha! But the children loved it!

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