Friday, July 27, 2012

Motor Skills Update

Here is Avery’s latest motor skills video. She was actually quite excited to make the video this time, which tells you a little bit of how much progress she’s made since the last video!

July 25th 2012

Biggest things to notice about the video:

  • She’s forgotten how to side-sit!! This used to be her most comfortable allowable position! Now she doesn’t look comfortable in that position at all, and mostly chooses to sit with her legs straight out in front of her when she’s sitting on the floor. Thank you, selective percutaneous myofascial lengthening.
  • She jumps! Did you see that?? She can JUMP!! She started doing that about 2 months ago, completely self-initiated.
  • She is stronger in the half-kneel position, especially with the left knee up.
  • She is handling stairs amazingly well!

Take a look back at the video from March here, and see for yourself the progress she has made. Click here is the pre-SPML video from last summer.

Hopefully you enjoyed watching the video as much as Avery did:

2012-07-25 013 2012-07-25 015 2012-07-25 016 2012-07-25 017

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mystars said...

Way to go Avery!!! You are such an inspiration.