Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nashville Friends :)

Back in 2004 when I was childless and working at a kitchen store here in Roanoke, I met Bridget. One day we were talking about our husbands’ video gaming habits, and once we realised that they were both practically addicted to the same game (Halo), we both admitted that we liked playing too! Haha! We used to have awesome Halo parties, with 3 or 4 TVs hooked up and lots of noise, laughter, and getting mad at Gabe for beating everyone!!! AH, those were the days!! 
Getting ready for some serious gaming!

Then I got pregnant, and we planned on taking the baby to our Halo parties from the very beginning so that it (we didn’t find out Avery’s gender) would get used to sleeping with the noise! But Alas! Halo was launched on Xbox Live which meant that we didn’t have to be in the same house to play anymore, and then the group dissipated! It was tragic! Bridget and Tony moved out of Roanoke, and ended up in Nashville! We have always planned to visit, but it just never happened. So when I found out that the Hydrocephalus Family Gathering was going to be in Nashville, I immediately got in touch with Bridget! So before we left Nashville on Sunday, we went to their house and enjoyed an amazing brunch followed by playing and chatting and catching up. But no Halo, strangely enough….!
2012-06-24 005 2012-06-24 013
Avery made Gabe and Tony be safari animals, and Brogan approved of all of Darcy’s toys!
2012-06-24 008 2012-06-24 018
How many toys can you fit into a princess tent…?
2012-06-24 021 2012-06-24 022 2012-06-24 030
How many kids can you fit into a princess tent…???
2012-06-24 024 2012-06-24 027
Yup, that’s pretty funny!!
2012-06-24 035 2012-06-24 033
Please! No more pictures! Avery and Oliver (and I!!) thought these books were super cool!
2012-06-24 037 2012-06-24 038 2012-06-24 041
Thanks Tony and Bridget (and Darcy!) for being such wonderful hosts!! It was so fun to see you, and the food was delicious, and the company was the best!

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