Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Big Little Things

It’s exciting to look back and see how far Avery has come in her physical independence. A couple of weeks ago I posted her latest motor skills video, and it is great to “test” her like that – I think it’s the clearest way to see the changes and improvements she has made in her movements.

However, sometimes it’s even more exciting to notice how those improvements make a difference in her every day life. Here are some really cool little things that are evidence of the huge leaps Avery has made in the last few months:

Inflatable Obstacle Course at Pioneer Day:
2012-07-28 005 2012-07-28 007 2012-07-28 015 2012-07-28 009
2012-07-28 021 2012-07-28 022 2012-07-28 018 2012-07-28 019 2012-07-28 020
It used to be really hard work to let Avery play on these inflatable slides. The only part she could do by herself was the slide at the end – we had to climb in with her and help her navigate the obstacles and climb the wall. Not anymore!! She just needed a little verbal encouragement to get up the ladder wall, but she did this entire thing completely by herself about 8 or 9 times. It was awesome, and she loved it!

Birthday Party:
Once upon a time, birthday parties were also exhausting events for me. I wanted her to be completely involved in all the activities, but it meant a lot of lifting and hauling and assisting. Not anymore!! I held her hand to help her get outside, and she leaned on my hand as she navigated the steps, but once we were on the grass and said, “Sorry Mom, I have to go with the other kids now.” And she let go of my hand and took off across the grass to the activity! Bumps, hyper running kids, roots, dips – none of it stopped her!

2012-08-04 042 2012-08-04 043 2012-08-04 044 
A little later, Avery spotted Brogan in a wagon, and decided she wanted a piece of that, so she stood up and took off! Distractions – in this case, the loss of her crown – can still make her lose her focus and balance, but she’s generally very good at catching herself without getting hurt.

2012-08-04 045 2012-08-04 047 2012-08-04 048 2012-08-04 049
She stands right back up, and after Oliver comes to the rescue with her crown (so cute!!), she carries on towards her goal.

2012-08-04 052 2012-08-04 056 2012-08-04 061
She reaches the wagon, and climbs in all by herself! Her confidence is such that she even thinks she will be able to pull the boys in the wagon!!

2012-08-04 073 2012-08-04 075
Later on, and it’s present opening time. The room is crowded and Avery’s low chair is pulled right up to the table. However, she decides she wants to take her gift to the birthday girl all by herself. So, she pushes her chair back, grabs the gift, and navigates the narrow crowded space to the head of the table, all by herself!

Water Fight:
2012-07-28 008 2012-07-28 017 2012-07-28 0192012-07-28 023 2012-07-28 012
How cool is this?? Avery was pretty much able to fully participate in this water fight with hardly any assistance! Walking around the driveway with a fully loaded squirt gun, staying upright while pumping it, remaining balanced and upright even while being squirted, refusing Daddy’s help as she heads back to the water bucket to reload… the list goes on!!

These might seem like small things, but in reality they are huge! Avery is fighting, and persevering, and claiming her independence. These are exciting days!


Coupon Codes said...

Sounds like she's made lots of progress! That's great!

b marie said...

Brings tears to my eyes. No one deserves this kind of progress more! Love you guys!

Aimee said...

That's so awesome!!! Gooooooooo AVERY!!! Love from your buddy, Addie and her mom :)

Kim said...

They certainly don't sound like small things to me! This gives me a lot of hope for my Ellie. Avery seems like an amazing little girl.