Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Catch-Up

Brogan is a big fan of trains! So his birthday party this year was a train party, of course! :) I had so much fun planning and constructing his train cake, and I think it turned out quite well!

The base was my ultimate chocolate chip chocolate cake (because, you know, dirt is brown!), with green coconut cream cheese frosting for grass. The train track was crumbled chocolate granola bars, with Kit Kat railway ties and chocolate Twizzler rails. The engine and cars were vanilla cake, the wheels were Oreos, the connections were pretzel sticks, the funnel was a frosting-filled ice-cream cone. The coal was chopped up black licorice, the "Jobi Wood" logs are Twixes, and I used the remaining cake and frosting to make cake truffle boulders. So Much Fun!!!!

IMG_2845 IMG_2825 IMG_2826
Most importantly, it was SO DELICIOUS!! Oh my, that chocolate cake with coconut cream cheese frosting and a little piece of licorice will forever live in my memory as one of the most delicious cakes I've ever had :) Mmmmm!

IMG_2835 IMG_2893
I made a big construction paper train for the dining room wall, and Brogan loved seeing himself as the train driver :)

I took pictures of all the guests as they arrived, and printed them off so that they could make these super cute crafts:

Too cute, right?? We just cut out all the pieces beforehand in all the different colours I had, and then they all got to pick their colours and glue it all together. There were a couple of very... imaginative trains :) So fun!

The cake truffle boulders dwindled as the party went on.... strange.... ;)


IMG_2870 IMG_2878
IMG_2873 IMG_2874
IMG_2872 IMG_2881

All the little ones seemed to enjoy the game of Pass the Parcel, and Adam was the lucky one who got the Chuggington Puzzle in the end :)

IMG_2886 IMG_2888
IMG_2889 IMG_2891
Then it was present time, and Brogan was a very lucky boy to get all sorts of awesome toys from his friends! It was a very happy day 

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