Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brogan is Four! (Pictures Galore!)

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Almost exactly 4 years ago to the minute, a healthy, beautiful, 9lb 3oz baby boy was born, and his perfection blew me away! Today Brogan is finally 4 years old! He has been waiting for this day for weeks, which is an extremely long time for a little boy to wait for anything! 3 or 4 weeks ago, Brogan was talking to Gabe on the phone and Gabe asked him what he was doing. Brogan responded, “I’m just waiting for my birthday to be here.” Ha! So at last the blessed day has arrived!

We celebrated Brogan’s birthday with a super fun Fire Truck party on Saturday. He chose the theme for his birthday party in January…!

2012-07-31 003 2012-07-31 002a

These are the party invitations I made!


2012-08-11 001 2012-08-11 013 2012-08-11 006 2012-08-11 007

These are two of the activities we had. I put candy and prizes into balloons and hooked them onto thumb tacks on a board. Everyone took turns popping them with toothpicks to find out what they had won. They all seemed to enjoy it! Then we had paper plates with “Fire” written in the middle, and 3 bowls with red, yellow, and blue water. The kids had to “put out” the fire with a specific colour of water, using the droppers to mix the correct colour on the plate. They won little badges if they got it right, which they all did of course! There were two other activities, but I didn’t get a chance to get any pictures of them. One was a “Fire Fighter” game where the Fire Fighter had the hose and had to put out everyone’s “fire” when they held it up. That one probably would have been more successful with older kids who knew not to spray people in the face, and who didn’t freak out and cry if they did get sprayed in the face! Oops! The last activity was “Stop, Drop, and Roll”. They all stood in a line at the top of our little hill, and when I shouted “Fire!!”, they all had to drop to the ground and roll down to the bottom of the hill.

2012-08-11 014 2012-08-11 011 2012-08-11 024

A bosu ball for jumping on, and squirt guns! This is apparently the only picture I took of the awesome fire truck, ambulance, and rescue helicopter I painted…! And I strung up lots and lots of red, blue, and white balloons and streamers. Brogan came outside half way through the decorating process and when he saw all the streamers and balloons he said, “Wow!!!!! Thanks Mom!!!!!”

2012-08-11 003 2012-08-11 010

Little boy chasing big boy

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Of course, we pulled out the paddling pool and slide too. It was pretty much the perfect morning for an outside party! Partly cloudy, warm, but stayed below 80F until the very end of the party. After lots of fun and running around, we served hotdogs, apple slices, chips, beans, and lemonade for lunch.

2012-08-11 019 2012-08-11 025

2012-08-11 027 2012-08-11 035 2012-08-11 037 2012-08-11 038

They had fun trying to catch the balloons, but I had strung them up just a little too high for them to actually grab them!

After lunch it was time for presents!!

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Brogan definitely did not have a lack of willing and enthusiastic helpers! I love how they all swarmed in with their gifts, trying to get him to open theirs next, and helping him rip the paper, and showing him what the present was and how you use it!

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2012-08-11 016

Then it was time for the cake!! I have to say, I was rather pleased with how it turned out!! I was a little nervous about my plans, because I had never made fondant before, but I think it turned out pretty well! Again, when Brogan first saw it on Friday evening, he exclaimed, “Wooooowwww!! Thanks Mom!!!” I love him!

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2012-08-11 117 2012-08-11 118 2012-08-11 120 2012-08-11 121

Blowing out the candles

2012-08-11 122 2012-08-11 125

Brogan chose a wheel! The cake was very yummy too! It was double chocolate cake, and we served it with neapolitan ice cream. YUM!

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Afterwards we set up the water toy Brogan got from his friends Sam and Pheobe. It was super fun!!

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Oliver had woken up at about 5am that morning, so he had gone down for his nap before the party started. I finally went up and woke him up when we were all eating cake, because I didn’t want him to miss the whole party!!

2012-08-11 160 2012-08-11 162 2012-08-11 167

Trying out some of Brogan’s other new toys.

2012-08-11 178 2012-08-11 189

The party moved into the driveway as people started getting ready to leave. Gabe had lined up all our many riding toys on the grass next to the driveway before the party started, and Brogan had helped him draw a giant winding road around the driveway and car port.

 2012-08-11 207 2012-08-11 208 2012-08-11 231 2012-08-11 239

After we’d said goodbye to the last guest, we sat in the driveway for quite a while longer discovering all the new stuff. It was a happy time!

2012-08-11 243 2012-08-11 245

At bed time, Brogan insisted on sleeping in his new sleeping bag, with his new Jet, and having Daddy read his new (weird) book.

Happy Birthday Brogan!

You are the sweetest, most affectionate ball of energy and enthusiasm I have ever known, and I love you all the way to the stars!!


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