Monday, August 06, 2012

Girls’ Theatre Trip

When I found out a couple of months ago that Showtimers, a local community theatre company, was putting on a production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, I decided I really, really wanted to take Avery to see it! So we went, and we had a blast!

2012-07-27 002 2012-07-27 003 2012-07-27 004
Nights out are even more special when you dress up for them don’t you think?

2012-07-27 005 2012-07-27 006 2012-07-27 007 2012-07-27 012
Avery being silly and excited as we waited with our tickets at the theatre for our friends, Annie and Kayla. They just made it in time!

2012-07-27 016 2012-07-27 015
Just a couple of pictures from the beginning of the first act. For a small community company, I think they did a superb job! We had so much fun!

2012-07-27 017 2012-07-27 021
The girls eagerly awaiting the second act! They were tired, but excited about having such a late, grown up night out!

2012-07-27 019 2012-07-27 020
We met Millie and Adam after the show – Avery was so excited!! We saw Millie first, and Avery told her how much she loved the show, and we got a picture. Then Avery spotted Adam from across the room, and, with eyes wide with excitement, she said, “Mom! Look! Look!!!” So I told her she could go on over there and tell him how much she loved the show. So she took off, but then stopped, looked back, and said, “Mom, will you come with me?” So she went over to him and stood there grinning up at him. Then she jumped up and down in her walker as she said, “That was so AWESOME!!!!!” So darn cute!

2012-07-27 024 2012-07-27 026
To finish off what was apparently the best night EVER, we took the girls to Dairy Queen. Then we headed home, and Avery gave Daddy a quick, excited recap of the night, and then she fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

The only things about our evening which were not perfect were the fact that they didn’t do “June Bride” OR “Spring, spring spring”, which I thought was such a shame! Also, there was an extremely rude woman sitting in front of us who rolled her eyes at her friend every time Avery expressed excitement or asked a question or laughed. She even shushed her when she asked me what was happening during the opening scene. I wanted to punch her. But, other than that, it really was so much fun!! I really loved being able to share a night at the theatre with my grown up girl!

Best Night Ever!


Valerie said...

These are lovely, lovely pictures. What an exciting evening for Avery, and the photographs capture all her thrilled excitement. SO happy that she enjoyed the show too much, I'm not generally a fan of musicals but this one I love. Josephine, thank you for using the internet in this wonderful way - although I'm so far away I can really feel that I'm a part of your lives - the ups, downs and the downright splendid.

bgabe said...

I have a rather cute family.