Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Pioneer Day

A lot of people obviously put a lot of time and creativity into this year’s Pioneer Day celebration at church! We had such a fun time, and we didn’t even get to see half of what was going on!
We enjoyed a delicious breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and fruit, and then, of course, the only thing the children were interested in for the first half hour or so was the inflatable obstacle course!
2012-07-28 018 2012-07-28 019 2012-07-28 037
Avery was a superstar and repeatedly tackled the whole thing by herself! Oliver wanted to go too, but was pretty easily diverted with a lollipop.
2012-07-28 043 2012-07-28 044 2012-07-28 059 2012-07-28 065
Brogan had a blast too!
2012-07-28 069 2012-07-28 070 2012-07-28 071
2012-07-28 072 2012-07-28 074
Avery got caught in the middle of the missionaries attempt, which the inflatable barely survived, and Avery loved it!
2012-07-28 078 2012-07-28 080 2012-07-28 085
After the inflatable fun, Avery decided to make a beehive. She didn’t really want to get any glue on her hands though, so she made Sister Arner do most of the string work!! But she still was pretty pleased with the result!
2012-07-28 090 2012-07-28 0862012-07-28 088 2012-07-28 093
Then she hopped on over to the cute little Millinery Shop and made a cute necklace for herself.
2012-07-28 094 2012-07-28 096 2012-07-28 102
Meanwhile, Brogan discovered the chickens, and Oh My! He was a happy boy!
2012-07-28 131 2012-07-28 132 2012-07-28 133 2012-07-28 138
Avery was fascinated with the chickens too..
2012-07-28 144 2012-07-28 146 2012-07-28 148
…as was Oliver!!
2012-07-28 104
This milking cow was so funny, but so fun! Avery figured out how to get some “milk” out of it, and enjoyed that!
2012-07-28 117 2012-07-28 121
Brogan enjoyed trying his hand at milking, while Oliver impatiently awaited his turn.
2012-07-28 127 2012-07-28 128
I’m not sure whether he managed to get any water out or not, but he happily sat there and tried for several minutes!
2012-07-28 154 2012-07-28 156 2012-07-28 159
Brogan went gold panning, but was far more interested in playing with the sand and water, so whenever he found a chunk of “gold”, he just tossed it back into the water!
2012-07-28 167 2012-07-28 169
Avery refused to leave until Daddy had held a chicken!!
Thanks to everyone who put so much effort into the event – it was an absolute blast, and I wish I’d had a chance to see everything!

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Valerie said...

This looks like such a super time - how clever people are and how lovely that they put so much time and effort into such things? It is a credit to the way you and Gabe have raised Avery that she will try her hand at everything (apart from getting her hands messy), wonderful to see her on the inflatable obstacle course, just throwing herself into it all. Brogan, as ever, simply can't take a bad picture. These days are so splendid for him; give him other children and fun things to do and he's in heaven. How docile those chickens are? So lovely that each of the children was able to hold them and I love to see how quiet and gentle they are when they do. Oliver, yet again, just loves his own little world of magic; he goes out and people give him lolly pops - life doesn't get much better than that.