Friday, September 28, 2012

Kayaking Buddies :)

Our friends came down from Charlottesville a couple of weeks ago to try out a little kayaking! I had told Amy about how well Avery was doing in the kayak, and the therapeutic benefits we saw in it, so I was looking forward to seeing whether it would be good for Elena too. When they arrived and Amy started looking at the kayak and asking questions, I could tell that she was pretty nervous about whether it was going to be a good experience for Elena… :)

So, Baby steps :) We started out in the little stream in the park not far from our house. It’s knee deep, and Gabe was in the water next to the boat the whole time, so the level of danger was minimal :)

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Avery went first so that Elena could see how she did it. Then it was her turn, and Elena did a really great job! She started out with the seat, her braces, and her shoes. With all of that in addition to the life jacket, she looked a little uncomfortable, and it also restricted her movement. But once we removed the seat and took of her shoes, she looked a lot more comfortable and managed to get some good paddling in! Vivian took to it straight away! Gabe pulled the boys around for a little bit, and then we were ready to try it for real on the lake! So we drove to Carvins Cove….

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Carvins Cove is so beautiful :) I love it out there! It was a particularly beautiful day for taking kayaks and a paddle boat out on the lake, and we had a wonderful time! Avery and I took the kayaks first, and Amy took the paddle boat with Elena, Vivian, and Brogan. Then Gabe tied the kid’s kayak to the adult kayak, just in case, and he and Elena took to the water in the kayaks! She was a super star and did such a great job!! Vivian and Amy got turns too, but Brogan wasn’t too interested :) We had a blast though!

Afterwards we went to Hollywood’s restaurant for dinner, and then Amy, Elena, and Vivian had to make the long trek back to Charlottesville.

2012-09-15 114


Kim said...

That place looks gorgeous! The girls look cute together. I bet they love to see each other.

Valerie said...

I'm so thrilled that you can share these experiences with Elena too. Special family days and so good for the girls (and other children) to spend time together. The photographs are SO lovely - I shall have to come over again during a summer time so I can see all this for myself.