Sunday, September 09, 2012

Williamsburg Vacation, Day One

We had the opportunity to go on a short vacation to Williamsburg, and we had a wonderful time!
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We stopped for lunch in a field full of flowers next to a gas station, which is as random as it sounds :)
2012-09-05 024    2012-09-05 052    2012-09-05 053

2012-09-05 034 2012-09-05 040
These pictures were so close to being cute! If only the sky hadn't been quite so painfully bright and sunny... :)

2012-09-05 069  2012-09-05 076
After checking into our hotel, we headed straight out to Jamestown. If, like us, you want to see some history but don't have the cash for Colonial Williamsburg, I highly recommend this option! The tickets are good for a whole 7 days, and we paid a grand total of $50 for all of us, in comparison to the $110 it would have cost for 3 day passes to Colonial Williamsburg. One day, when our children are old enough to actually appreciate the history, we will go, but right now they just like running around, seeing cool stuff, and bypassing all the old stuff ;)

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Fountains fit into the "cool stuff" category, so Jamestown started out great :) Plus, there were bugs on the sidewalk, which was even more exciting, in Oliver's opinion!

2012-09-05 082 2012-09-05 083 2012-09-05 085 2012-09-05 086
Exploring the Powhatan village. Brogan was a little concerned about what was wrong with all the animals...

2012-09-05 088 2012-09-05 090 2012-09-05 095 2012-09-05 097 2012-09-05 101

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"Pirate" ships are "cool stuff" too :) 
2012-09-05 109 2012-09-05 111 2012-09-05 112
2012-09-05 113 2012-09-05 115 2012-09-05 117 
Time to go below decks. It was a hot day, so we could better appreciate how miserable it would have been to fit 53 people into that small space! Ugh! 
2012-09-05 121 2012-09-05 124 2012-09-05 127 
2012-09-05 128 2012-09-05 129 2012-09-05 130 2012-09-05 134 
The boys held and learned about some different kinds of cannon balls. Avery had already gone back up top with Dad, and soon the boys and I followed and explored the Captain's quarters, steered the boat, and looked at hour glasses :)

2012-09-05 133 
Brogan, Oliver, Dad, and Avery aboard the Susan Constant :)

2012-09-05 139 2012-09-05 143 2012-09-05 145 2012-09-05 149
Then we needed a break. As I said, it was a hot day, so we sat in the shade and drank some water, and saw a crow in the crow's nest :) Then we decided to go find the Fort, because it was too hot for the little ones to find any desire to get onto another boat! Oliver found some more bugs along the way, and the boys sat in a dugout canoe thing.

2012-09-05 151
Such a friendly looking place, don't you think? ;)

2012-09-05 157 2012-09-05 159 2012-09-05 162
The boys tried on some armor. Such cute little soldiers :) Daddy showed us how to carry water, and the boys tried to fire the big canon.

2012-09-05 166 2012-09-05 167 2012-09-05 168 
Avery and I took refuge in the little church when they started doing a musket firing demonstration, because she did not like the loud noise, so then she was ready to leave!

2012-09-05 173 2012-09-05 174 

2012-09-05 185 2012-09-05 186 
Another highlight for Oliver - a lizard!!!! SOOOoOOOO awesome! The other two saw it too, and thought it was great, but didn't feel the need to follow it for several minutes until it finally managed to escape :) The Ollie Boy loves BUGS! (ie, bugs, birds, lizards, little bits of fluff that almost look like bugs....)

2012-09-05 189 2012-09-05 191
About 50 feet from the van, Brogan was DONE! He sat down and refused to take another step! And Oliver does everything Brogan does, so he went and sat by him too. He probably thought there were some good bugs to see :)

2012-09-05 202 2012-09-05 204
Our hotel room was AMAZING! Thank you, Living Social :) I could have stayed there for a long time quite happily! It had a big living area, a big kitchen with a full size fridge/freezer, oven, microwave, lots of cupboard space, and nice big bedroom with a comfortable king bed and a nice little balcony overlooking a forest, and the bathroom had a jacuzzi, in which the children had an absolute blast! In fact, it looked like so much fun that Dad decided he wanted to play too :) Now Avery and Brogan want to get a jacuzzi tub at our next house... :)
The first night, Gabe and I took the fold-out bed in the living area, and the three kids shared the king bed. It was super cute, I should have got a picture :) They were so tired that they pretty much went straight to sleep :)
Here is a video of the whole vacation. I probably should have waited to post it until the last day, but it's such a great video :) My husband is talented :) If you haven't already, you should follow him on youtube (here and here) and like him on facebook!

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Kim said...

Your family is just lovely. It looks like everyone had a great time. The kids look very happy.