Sunday, September 09, 2012

Williamsburg Vacation, Days 3 and 4

Day Three – Yorktown

2012-09-07 006
The boys enjoying the view from our balcony before we had to check out of our luxurious room.
We were enjoying our vacation so much that we decided to stay another night! We would have like to have stayed in our lovely hotel room another night, but the full price of a Friday night stay was more than the deal we got for our two previous nights, so I hopped on priceline and managed to find another hotel for $50 :) Gabe took the children to the pool while I got our room all packed up, and then we headed out! After checking into our new hotel and having some lunch, we went back to Yorktown to see the sites :)

2012-09-07 018 2012-09-07 025
We saw a model of The Betsy, which we had learned about a little bit at the Victory Center the day before. And we saw a windmill, which was exciting for Avery.

2012-09-07 030 2012-09-07 031 2012-09-07 035 2012-09-07 039
We stopped in at a little museum and saw some pirate stuff and miniature boats, and coloured some pictures. Then we went to the beach :) A tiny little cove in the river beach, under a bridge, but we had a lovely afternoon in the sun there :) I didn’t take the camera, because I didn’t want it to get scratched in the sand, but we did get some video.
By the time we left the beach, it was about dinner time, so we headed back to the hotel and had baths, dinner, and a nice relaxed evening.

Day Four - Busch Gardens

The next morning during breakfast, Bubbles the Clown visited the lobby of our hotel! The children were very enthusiastic about getting their faces painted :) This was only the second time Avery had ever got her face painted, and it may have been by the same clown!! Wouldn’t that be crazy? We can’t quite remember, but she said that she’s done face-painting at the zoo here in Roanoke before, so it may have been her :)

2012-09-08 002 2012-09-08 004
Avery had the hardest time choosing what she wanted, so Brogan went first :)

2012-09-08 005 2012-09-08 006 2012-09-08 007 2012-09-08 016
He was a dragon, and he ran around roaring at the other patrons while he was waiting for everyone else :)

2012-09-08 009 2012-09-08 012 2012-09-08 014 2012-09-08 015
Avery and Brogan insisted on Gabe getting his face painted too, and he got to be Batman!

2012-09-08 018 2012-09-08 019 2012-09-08 020
Avery chose a puppy for Oliver, which was perfect because Oliver loves dogs, and loves pretending to be a dog too :)

2012-09-08 024 2012-09-08 025 2012-09-08 026 2012-09-08 027
Then it was Avery’s turn, and she had finally decided to be a cute pink and white cat :)
After all the fun of that, we headed upstairs to get ready for our big Busch Gardens day!! Brogan’s face painted lasted until the moment we dropped Daddy and Avery of at the gates of Busch Gardens, and then no amount of consoling would stop the tears, and his face turned into a big green mess!
The Busch Gardens portion of our video starts here :)

The boys and I went back to the hotel and got all our stuff packed up into the van. Then we went and played in the hotel pool until we were ready for lunch. We just went to McDonalds, and Oliver, exhausted from all the vacationing, fell asleep a couple of minutes before we got there. He was so exhausted that he didn’t wake up at all the whole time we were there!! I scooped him up out of his car seat, carried him inside, ordered our food, carried him and our tray to a table, sat down, ate food, got up to go get our drinks, talked, put all our trash in the trash can, went back out to the van and buckled him back into his carseat, and that whole time, he barely even stirred!!! He was one tired little boy!!! So darn cute!!! Brogan enjoyed our lunch though, and made fast friends with the two ladies sitting next to us :) Then it was time to drive back to Busch Gardens to trade off! It was time for Brogan and I to go! Avery and Gabe had an absolute blast! Brogan and I did too :) Oliver eventually woke up, and Gabe took him and Avery to a park while Brogan and I played at Busch Gardens. I was actually surprised that we were able to fit in a whole day there between us, but we really did! I love how much fun my children are as they get older :)We dropped off Avery and Gabe at 10am, and they stayed until about 2 or 2:30, and then Brogan and I were there until almost closing time! Gabe was waiting for us as we left the park, and he was able to run in and catch the last ride on a “grown-up” ride, and we all left our vacation feeling happy and exhausted :)

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Kim said...

Sounds like a fun end to your trip. We went to an amusement park too this summer with our extended family and Ellie HATED it. She does not do well with sounds and it was just overwhelming her. She freaked out completely.