Monday, October 08, 2012

Farm Day

2012-10-06 099

On a beautiful autumn morning we took a drive out into the country to go to Homestead Creamery’s Farm Day!

2012-10-06 013 2012-10-06 008 2012-10-06 002

We got to pet baby cows, sheep, goats, and chickens!

I thought it would be cute to get a picture of Oliver sitting on a hay bale with pumpkins, but he decided to take the opportunity to pick his nose…! Silly boy!

2012-10-06 015 2012-10-06 017

We sampled all sorts of yummy treats, and then ate lunch and got the most delicious pumpkin ice cream for dessert! These boys of mine are pretty darn cute :)

2012-10-06 0202012-10-06 019 2012-10-06 021 2012-10-06 023

Gabe got these cute pictures of the boys in front of the cornfield. We tried to get Avery in one too, but she was having none of it!!

2012-10-06 024 2012-10-06 029

While we ate lunch with the Dubyks and Harris’s, Gabe took Avery back down to the cornfield by herself, and her mood improved greatly! Can you spot her in the corn? :)

2012-10-06 036

After the children begged and begged, we braved the ridiculously long line for the hayride, and it was worth it :)

2012-10-06 032 2012-10-06 041 

The children loved the ride! We got a good view of the milking shed, and the tractor took us across a little creek, so everyone was very happy :)

2012-10-06 064 2012-10-06 066 2012-10-06 070

The hayride took us to all sorts of fun activities on the other side of the farm. Avery coloured a t-shirt while the boys enjoyed a ride on the “train”.

2012-10-06 073 2012-10-06 074 2012-10-06 075 2012-10-06 077

Then the boys checked out a combine harvester and a tractor while Avery and Dad waited in line for the horse and wagon.

2012-10-06 0792012-10-06 082 2012-10-06 085

There were two wagons, and I was very happy when they ended up on the one which was not driven by the man sharing his cigarette smoke with all the passengers :) There he is in the second picture!

2012-10-06 087 2012-10-06 093

At the end of a very fun day, we enjoyed the hayride back towards the parking field and made our way home :)

Friday, October 05, 2012

Fall Fun… and News!

2012-10-09 003

Avery’s been looking forward to playing in piles of leaves!

2012-10-09 005

Cute girl! And do you notice that sign in the background??


That’s right! Our house is on the market! Hoping and praying that it doesn’t take forever to sell…! Exciting times :)