Friday, December 07, 2012

Goodbye Roanoke

Tonight will be our last night sleeping in our beautiful house, our home of the past 3.5 years, the first house we ever bought! When we bought this home in May 2009, Avery was 3, and Brogan was still just a baby. He climbed up steps for the first time the day we moved in :) This is the only home Oliver has ever known, and he will almost certainly remember nothing about it!

It will also be our last night sleeping in Roanoke, the place where Gabe and I first met and fell in love, and where we have lived since we got married 9.5 years ago. Roanoke has been my home for pretty much my entire adult life - I turned 20 seven days after I moved into my college dorm room at Roanoke College! It seems strange to think about that.

We have loved our home!! If the real computer was not in a box somewhere, I would post some of our "before" pictures of this house, because it was so ugly, and we have made it so beautiful :) We are excited about this next step in our lives, and I know it will be a good thing for our family, but there are certainly many things about Roanoke and our home here which we will miss xx

Goodbye Pittsfield Home.
Goodbye Roanoke.
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Syme Family News said...

Good luck on your journey! I am glad I didn't have to have you leave without me. :)

bgabe said...

bye house. Good memories.