Tuesday, December 25, 2012


We got a late start on our Christmas preparations this year, due to the fact that we moved house and all! We moved into our cute little rental house on December 8th, and as soon as possible got to work on making it festive!

When we had finished putting all the ornaments on the tree and were getting ready to put the star on, there was a kerfuffle over who should be the one to do it. Avery and Brogan both wanted to do it, and were arguing about it, so I told them that they needed to come to a decision about who put the star on and who turned on the power. So this is how they had that serious discussion:

IMG_7788 IMG_7795 IMG_7799 IMG_7806

It was pretty cute!! Finally they came to the agreement that Brogan would put the star on the tree and Avery would turn it on.

IMG_7809 _MG_7889 IMG_7849

I loved our colourful tree this year! I let the children have a lot of control over the ornaments, so there were clusters of ornaments here and bare patches there, but they had so much fun doing it that I didn’t want to rearrange them! I love it!

_MG_7874 _MG_7714 _MG_7756

We also made the stable for our knitivity, and Avery carefully arranged all the figures inside. Then we put up our Nativity tree and started catching up with the numbered books. Avery read most of the books almost by herself this year, which was lovely. And the boys loved hanging them on the tree.


We went to our new church’s Christmas party and had a lovely meal and a nice time getting to know new people. Avery and Brogan were excited to see some of their new friends and to go up on the stage with the rest of the children to sing a couple of Christmas songs.

IMG_7831 IMG_7826 IMG_7839 IMG_7843

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