Saturday, April 06, 2013

Crazy March...

March 6th

Playing in the snow!

March 12th

Playing at the beach!!

March 24th - Snow again!
March 29th - Snow's all gone and playing in the sunshine at the park!

Easter 2013

On Saturday we met up with one of Gabe's cousins and some new friends at a park in town for an Easter Egg hunt and Potluck BBQ lunch - it was super fun! (I'm not going to be narrating much for the next little while since I haven't blogged for about 4 or 5 months and I have a TON to catch up on.....!! Eek!)

All the kiddos ready for the hunt!

Can you tell that my boys were excited? ;)

Go!!! And then enjoying some of their loot ;)

My boys LOVE mud, and this was one GIANT mud puddle! Oh Happy Day!
Turns out most kids love mud... Who would have thought?? ;)
Brogan testing out his tightrope skills

Avery had to have a go too, so Felicity helped her!

Jason became Oliver's new best friend by not only pushing him on the swing, but by being funny while he was doing it :)

Lots of fun things at the park, and a beautiful day for it too!

My pretty girl with the curly hair she had requested after her bath the night before.

Felicity was falling off. Luckily, Oliver was there to save her :)

The grown ups hogged the swings... ;)

Avery watching the dogs chase each other at the dog park, and Brogan having a quiet candy-eating moment with his new best friend :)

Big digger!

Sunshine, mud, puddles, diggers, candy, friends... this is what Heaven is made of, right?

Dressed for church on Easter Sunday

One last easter egg hunt at home :)