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September 2012
We moved Avery's desk up into her bedroom, and it has been much easier for her to sit and do her work without getting distracted. HOWEVER... she has been distracted from sleeping! One night I went upstairs at 10:30pm and found her colouring at her desk. I told her I might have to cancel her playdate with Rachel the next day because she was going to be too tired. She said "Oh no! I forgot! And now I've over-PLAYED and over-COLOURED!" The next night I found her doing a math workbook at 9pm, because it was "EASY! And I LOVE that math work!"

June 2012
When Avery grows up and gets married, she want to have a boy baby and a girl baby. The boy will be named Dan, and the girl will be Sammy.

April 2012
Oliver started crying so Gabe went to see what was wrong. Avery was in the other room, and when Gabe asked her if she knew why Oliver was crying she said, "I think he's just feeling sick." Gabe said, "Really? Because it sounds like he's crying because he got hurt." Avery replied, "How did you know??!" She went to time out.

January 2012
"No, Brogan, you don't have mouth bones, you have teeth. Teeth are made out of bones, and your body is made out of a Temple."

July 2011
In a conversation with a younger little girl:
Girl: "When you get bigger, you're going to be a MOMMY!"
Avery: "Oh, well, actually, I already decided that I'm going to be a photographer, to take lots of pictures."

June 2011
During our dentist appointment, Avery's life plan changed! Halfway through my teeth cleaning, she announced, "Actually, I think being a dentist is much more exciting, so I think maybe I don't want to be a doctor, maybe I actually want to be a dentist."

Avery and I were watching a big storm out of the window. "Ohhh, I don't like the rain!" said Avery, so we talked a little bit about how the grass and the flowers and the trees needed the rain to grow and be pretty and green. Avery thought for a minute and said, "Yeah, like the big red tree in the back, it's dead because it didn't get enough rain. We need to get a truck so we can take it to truck heaven because it's dead. How big is the truck that we need? A SUPER big truck!"

I made a cardboard house for Avery and Brogan out of a giant box yesterday. This afternoon they were playing in it - Avery was outside putting things into the house, and Brogan was inside throwing them out again. Finally, Avery sighed and said, "But Brogan, this is everything I've ever dreamed about!!"

Avery spent about 30 minutes typing on the computer this morning. This was the result:
Avery   dad oliver brgan brogan dad mom  brogan ctc cat brogan avery dad brogan catavery catbrogan dadaverycat avery cat   avery cat brogan dadcat  avery  cat brogan avery cat brogan dad averycatbrogan avery dadbrogancat avery pigcat averydadbrogan  avery dad brogantothezoo   pi gpigzoo  tot
Lets go to the pig zoo
Avery lets go to the zoo pig horse dog granbmp cat dog horse 

I was having a conversation with Avery this morning about string cheese. She had just got one for herself out of the fridge and had eaten it, and then decided that she wanted another, but thought she might not be allowed two. So she came downstairs with the second string cheese and said "Mom, I ate my string cheese and then I wanted another one, but then an idea flew into my mouth! So I saaaaiiid, "Maybe Mom will want to share her picnic with me!" so here's your string cheese Mom!" Then she ripped off a tiny slither of the string cheese, handed it to me, and ate the rest of it herself :)

Last week Avery got the assignment to say the opening prayer in Primary today, and she looked forward to it all week! She was excited about going up to the front of the primary room and saying the prayer into the microphone! Well, after the all the excitement of the fresh new snow yesterday (and she was SOOOOO excited!) her prayer today went a little something like this: Dear Heavenly Father, I thank thee for the snow. I thank you that I could have so much fun playing in the snow, and I thank you that my Daddy could have fun playing in the snow. And I bless that my friends can have playing in the snow too. And I bless that I'll have a good time in primary, and that my friends will have a good time in primary too. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Avery had a "not good day at school" today. She says that she didn't clean up her art work fast enough at clean up time so she had to go and sit in the thinking chair and think about it, which she says made her feel sad.

Avery got onto the school bus yesterday morning and as the lady was helping her get to her seat she said "Today is my last day of school!" I'm not sure where that came from, but I still sent her to school again this morning :)

Avery came down with a cold in the middle of the night last night. Usually it helps her to sleep in our big bed with one or both of us when she's feeling bad, so we asked her if she wanted to sleep with Dad in the big bed, but she got even more upset and said "Noooo! I want to sleep in my own bed with Oliver!!" I had just changed around the bedrooms and put Avery into the bigger room with Oliver, and she was very excited about it :)


Avery just "organised" her m&ms into colour "families". Now she is eating the blue family first, and she said "Mmm mm mmm, what yummy family!"

We asked Avery what she wants to be when she grows up, and she said that she wants to be a doctor and that she's going to "run and run and run and make sick kids better"

Avery had her 4 yr check-up today. She is 41 inches tall and 39 lbs, and, since she was given the option, decided that she would rather wait til next year for her shots :)

Avery: I'm going into outer space Mom. I'll miss you.

Josephine: Avery, look at your legs.
Avery: Uh oh...they're "W" sitting! I'd better fix them. (Brings one leg out in front of her) There, I fixed one leg! But the other leg is still "W" sitting....Look! I'm "U" sitting!

Avery just ate an entire carrot's worth of carrot sticks, and then asked for MORE! This is big!

On the way home from a trip to Ukrops:
Avery: Look! I see Ukrops!
Josephine: What?? No, we're almost home!
Avery: ...I see pretend Ukrops!
Josephine: Ohhhh, pretend Ukrops! Hello Pretend Ukrops!
Avery: What??
Josephine: I said "Hello Pretend Ukrops"
Avery: ...Ukrops doesn't have a face, so you don't say that!

We were in the bathroom getting ready for bed, and Avery was holding one of her dolls house dolls.
Avery: He's wearing boots so he can play outside in the snow! Is it snowing outside?? Look outside to see if it's snowing!
Me (opening the curtain): Oh, no, it's not snowing outside, see?
Avery:....Is it pretend snowing outside?