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August 2012
Brogan and Oliver were sitting on the couch. Brogan said "Mom, I want to call Oliver a different name. I want to call him Coco."

July 2012
Brogan and I had been having a little bit of a heated discussion about the fact that I wouldn't give him treats because we were just about to go watch a movie where he would have popcorn and soda. A couple of minutes later he came over and said, "Mom, I love you. But you just can't do this to me. Do you understand? I just don't want popcorn, and I want to sit right here and eat a treat. Do you under-even-stand?"

Brogan was talking to Gabe on the phone one day. Gabe asked him what he was doing. Brogan responded, "I'm just waiting for my birthday to be here."

May 2012
Brogan showing me his latest Lego creation: "It's a city, with dolphins, and cliffs, and a round, round, really round sidewalk. And THIS is a hiding place!"
Me: "Who hides there?"
Brogan: "Some really, really shy bad guys who are babies."

Brogan is an honest boy, but has started to find ways around telling the truth about things which will get him into trouble. 
Me: "Brogan, did you finish all your lunch?" 
Brogan: "I will never tell you."

Me: "Brogan, did you wash your hands?"
Brogan: Mm Hmm
Me: "Did you use soap?"
Brogan: nods slowly
Me: "Really? Let me smell your hands."
Brogan: hides hands behind back. "No! You can never smell them!"

April 2012
Brogan showing me his latest Lego creation: "It's a city, with dolphins, and cliffs, and a round, round, really round sidewalk. And THIS is a hiding place!" 
Me: "Who hides there?" 
Brogan: "Some really, really shy bad guys who are babies."

Brogan, as he hands me two lego constructions: "Here Mom, I build these for you" 
Me: "Oh, I love them! Thank you Brogan!" 
Brogan: "You're welcome, Your Majesty!"

Oliver and Brogan were playing on the stairs, and I heard Brogan telling Oliver not to make a mess with the Quirkle pieces. Then Oliver started crying. I said, "Brogan! What happened?!" Brogan responded, "Oliver was making a mess, so I punched him." Of course.

February 2012
I just went in to check on Brogan who was talking incoherently in his feverish sleep. I put my hand on his forehead (it felt cooler), and he opened his puffy eyes, smiled, and said, "Mom? I LOVE you SOOO much!", and pulled me down for a kiss and a hug. I have the sweetest boy in the world :)

January 2012
"Avery, you know you have a spirit? You have one spirit, and Mom has one spirit, and I have TWO spirits!"

September 2011
Brogan: Mom, you happy?
Mom: Yes, I'm happy.
Brogan: Because Jesus Christ makes you happy?

July 2011
Brogan was keeping Oliver awake by making random noises, so I sent him to time out in the bathroom while I was getting Oliver back to bed. When I was done, I went into the bathroom to talk to Brogan. I asked him if he knew why I was angry with him, and he said that he woke up Oliver, and I told him why that made me angry. He ran over to me, gave me a big hug and said "I love you!" I told him I loved him too. He leaned back, looked at me and, with a hopeful voice, asked, "Momma ah happy now??!!"

Brogan had a really hard time going to sleep tonight. He kept on getting out of bed, every few minutes for over an hour and a half. He woke up Oliver, and he got Avery in on the shenanigans for a while. I threatened and then had to take away his Thomas, Emily and Percy trains, he got up to pee 2 or 3 times (but didn't pee), he got up to knock all of Avery's books off her stool, etc, etc, etc. By the time Gabe got home from work, all had been quiet for about 5 minutes, but then we discovered that Brogan and Avery had somehow climbed into the crib to play with Oliver!! After all of that, Avery and Oliver did go to sleep, but Brogan was still having a hard time. Gabe had to take away his new shark pajamas, first the bottoms, and then the top, because he kept on getting out of bed. Then Gabe told him that Mommy was cross, to which Brogan got upset and said "No! Mommy NOT cross! Mommy Happy!!" Gabe told him that if he wanted Mommy to be happy, not cross, then he needed to stay in bed and go to sleep, and that was the last we heard from him that night :)

We had dinner at Cici's pizza tonight. After he'd finished eating, Brogan was looking at some of the games by the door, and an overweight man and his family got up to leave. As he was walking out, Brogan looked at him and exclaimed, "Wook!! Ah BIG one!"

One of Brogan's favourite foods right now? Yucky Arms. Yep. That's what he calls Lucky Charms :)

Sometimes when I'm changing Oliver's dirty diaper, Brogan will come over and berate him saying, "Ducky, baby, ducky!! Poop ah potty, kay???" So funny, especially when you see the disgusted look on his face, and especially funny when you consider the fact that Brogan has never even come close to pooping on the potty himself :)

This morning Brogan and I were cuddling under a blanket on the couch. He was pretending it was nighttime and we were sleeping. He pointed up to the ceiling and said "Moon!" Then he pointed to another part of the ceiling and said "Stars!" Then he pointed to another part of the ceiling and said "Dinosaur!"
Maybe that's why he doesn't sleep well at night....!!

Brogan had his 2 year check up today! He weighs 31lbs, is 37" tall, and has a head circumference of 19.75 inches. He also has a vocabulary of about 30 words, although that is starting to pick up a little bit now, and he understands almost everything we say to him. He says: please, thanks, Daddy, Mom, cow, cat, duck, dog, down, what's that, mine, mess, juice, more, pee, poo, stuck, yes, no, where'd-it-go, there-it-is, uh oh, ball, car, shoes, toes, eyes, ears, cookie, boo, snack, cheeeeeese, outside. He has started putting some of these together too, ie "juice please"

When Brogan's finished eating, he likes to find somewhere to put the rest of his leftover food. Usually smeared on the table or thrown on the floor. But recently it's been his cup! He couldn't wait for Avery to get out of the bath before he had his dinner, so he was finished and running around while I was getting Avery changed into her PJs. I started realising that I hadn't heard anything from him for a while, which was worrying, and sure enough, when Avery and I arrived in the dining room, Brogan had climbed up into Avery's chair and had just finished putting every scrap of her untouched dinner into her cup of water...

Brogan had his 18 month check up today, and is 35 inches tall and 29lbs :) He had one shot, and cried angrily for a couple of seconds, but recovered in time to give the nurse a smile before she left the room :)

We realised today that Brogan has been saying his own version of "Thank you" whenever you give him something he wants! We hadn't noticed because it doesn't sound anything like Thank you, but it's definitely the same word every time! It sounds something like "Duggoh" We think he's speaking German :)

Brogan ran away from me today when I was trying to get him ready for his nap. Then he ran back into the room, climbed up into my lap, gave me kisses, and then climbed back down again and ran away saying "Baaahh!" and waving goodbye.

Brogan got his head stuck under Avery's chair today as he was trying to reach a toy he had dropped...

For a while now, Brogan has been consistently waving and saying "Baaah" appropriately, which is adorable, but what's even cuter is that he now says it at bedtime! As soon as I finish saying a prayer with him, he starts waving and saying "Bah", and he keeps on doing it as I kiss him and lay him down, and then I can still hear his adorable little "Baaah" after I've closed his door :)